Cuter than Fiction – Standalone Version

September 3, 2012

Welp!… It seems I’m still clinging on stubbornly…

Lol!… and this time, it’s a standalone version of a collaboration project with Sake-Chan (sake-bento) from the Lemmasoft “Cute, Light and Ecchi Fluffy” collaboration project…

So you ask, why another remake when you just recently finished another remake?… Can’t you do something new and original?… Hmm… nope!… I don’t think there is a script writer here in Lemmasoft who would want to work with this poor old untalented artist nor can I write a decent story so might as well concentrate on polish previous projects…

For starters… I can’t seem to decide which level of zoom shall I use in-game… I know!… Let’s use all three of them! Problem solved

Let’s see… while the original plan was a mere graphical improvement of the original… why not add a bit of fun filled chaos into my workflow and toss everything away and start from the ground up for maximum pain…

And while were at it… let’s remove the textbox… oh and why even bother saving a progress when the game is small enough to be played within 5 minutes so save/load goes bye-bye too… :mrgreen: Config?… Not much… so we stick to the basics…

From now on… Studio Mugenjohncel will produce works on low resolution to save space and make smaller file size since experience taught me people will be reluctant or even discouraged to try anything above 100MB so all Studio Mugenjohncel projects will be under 100MB… image resolution will have to be compromised to achieve this… and let’s try something I haven’t tried before and flip the screen 90°


Same thing as previous BG’s from previous projects… will use sketchup and a third party renderer (Twilight Render) to quickly produce several angles of the same BG…. it’s cheating but it saves time… though, I have to model everything from scratch since none of the objects in 3D warehouse match what I wanted…

Oh and by the way… this will be a good, clean and family friendly short kinetic VN since this is a collaboration with Sake-Chan… for my own safety as well…


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