Cuter than Fiction – GUI is now complete

September 9, 2012

OK what you see here is 1/4 of the whole GUI work in the whole game…

This time I go the minimalist approach and only included the absolute necessary options and remove the rest… that also includes the save and load since this is very short work so no save and load required… I also bumped the resolution from 450×800 to 600×800 and go portrait style just for the heck of it… I also figured how to add scanlines in renpy without distorting when scaled down… by simply spading them at least 3 pixels apart…

Oh well… not much exciting progress to report since most of the work are on scripting and optimizing and if I go further I risk spoiling things… Lol…

More to come…


One comment

  1. I much prefer these minimalistic GUIs. The default Ren’Py one is way too bulky and I’ve been experimenting with cutting out as many of the unnecessary options as possible. Having the options/save/load open over the game screen rather than into their own screen is good too.

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