And here I am once again talking about OELVN Background Graphics…

September 29, 2012

Wiat hear me out OK… I know you must be getting tired of me promoting Sketchup as a viable tool in creating BG’s for OELVN’s or Visual Novel with minimal effort so allow me to show you this and get your attention…

Beautiful isn’t it?… It is made in less than 3 hours including all variations… no kidding… it is made possible by using existing sketchup models I uploaded in the 3D warehouse and from various sources with a bit of touchup post processing from Adobe Photoshop 7… 

OK I can see you are like… “But we already know how you do your BG’s… you even made a tutorial…”

Yes true but this new renderer made my old method of rendering using Twilight Renderer obsolete. It is called LumenRT… So what is this Lumen RT I’m talking about?… Simply say it’s just another renderer like the rest except it can do a few steps automatically for me that I have to do manually via post process using Twilight…

Now don’t get me wrong Twilight is great at what it does… which is make realistic renderings from Sketchup Scenes but I’m after a specific effect… that is, to produce BG’s good enough for a standard VN character to blend in without actually putting too much effort into it and document the steps in order to standardise the process and streamline it enough for a tutorial… so far Lumen RT gets the specific task I needed done better…

A warning though… Lumen RT is sort of process intensive so if your machine is not up to par then you’ll run into troubles… Twilight on the other hand seems to be robust enough though there is a glitch I observed when rendering very large scenes where some of the textures scale are reset to their defaults…

Anyway… I recommend you give LumenRT a spin and see for yourselves… here is their page where you can download their demo. CLICK HERE

And here is the Twilight Renderer… the renderer I’ve been using for quite some time… CLICK HERE

Oh by the way… since the new renderer made my previous BG’s obsolete… I am now giving them away for free use for who knows what in this thread in Lemmasoft Forums… CLICK HERE also note the difference between the previous BG’s and this one…

OK that’s it for now… (Man… I feel like a salesman for Twilight Renderer and LumenRT… I’m such a sellout…)





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