Lemmasoft Forums… why are you blocking me?…

September 29, 2012

I’ve been getting this problem for the past few months and I seriously don’t know what to do anymore… I can’t go to Lemmasoft Forums like a normal person should… as if I’m being selectively blocked for some odd reason where I see this error thing or in some cases this cloudflare message… and the only way I can go there is using a third party proxy…

Which is kinda troublesome since I don’t recall doing something stupid that will warrant this treatment… Maybe it’s a technical problem… so I have my cache and cookies cleaned up and still same result. Maybe it’s a virus of some sort… OK, so I prepared a newly formated brand new unit and still displayed the same result… even go as far as replace the router three times from D-Link to TP-Link to Linksys… I even called SmartBro (My ISP) and they to can’t solve it… or rather can’t give me a better explanation other than the site blocking me on purpose… which once again leaves me scratching my head… especially since Lemmasoft is like a second homepage to me and Ren’pytom (PyTom) already told me that it’s not server side problem…

So there you have it… I’m now reduced to using a proxy to access Lemmasoft and have to live with a slower browsing experience…





  1. I think you’re not the only one. I’ve been, pretty much, getting the same thing whenever I try to enter the site. And I’m too impatient to try those slow proxy server things. orz.

  2. I had the same problem some time ago: PyTom mentioned something about the UK (or was it Europe) having had a problem with Cloudfare, and afterwards everything was fine.

    Maybe try and get people you know who use your same ISP access the site, and if they have the same problem inquire about it with your ISP?

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