Update: Added Solar Panels… uh what!?…

December 11, 2012

Delicious Green and Clean Ennergy

OK I know this might be a bit sudden but I’ve been working under-the-radar on Project Gakuen…

So you ask, what is Project Gakuen? It’s basically a School themed VN with strict Framework where you have a whole school with comprehensive background and history to work on and make VN’s out of it. Imagine, one school with multiple VN stories on going parallel with each other. They could be stand alone stories or intertwine with other existing VN’s and the best thing about this is that the BG (School) is already complete… all you have to do is place camera, point, shoot, render… basically a recyclable BG that can accommodate a wide variety of situations. Of course before this can be a reality… someone has to create a whole School from the ground up… and create the history and background information that will form the basis of future VN’s that will pop up from Project Gakuen Series…


Current progress… that track and field is really a serious space hog…

The really fun thing about Project Gakuen is that this is not a Studio Mugenjohncel Exclusive. Others will be able to access the School, Explore and Use them within the Terms and Conditions. Relax, it’s not that really strict. All I ask is to work within the framework of the School like you’ll have to use the same design of uniform so every single student of this school will have same uniform despite the VN or story, your characters will be subjected to the School’s rules and regulations (which can be bend and broken for the sake of plot) and must consider rules and events established by previous works (in case there are existing projects already under Project Gakuen)… this is important in case there are plans to intertwine the stories. Also, if a writer introduced a character under Project Gakuen, he/she/it will be open game and can be used and abused by the next writer… imagine, you write a story where your female character is the protagonist and then another writer decides to intertwine his/her story and your character now is the antogonist in their story. You can email me at mugenjohncel@yahoo.com for more questions and inquiries…

So what’s with the Solar Panel?… Like I stated earlier, I’ve been working on constructing a whole school and I just added solar panels to supplement electricity in the school and this is supposed to be an update to be posted in the other blog but since it’s a pretty new blog with not much exposure, I might as well use Studio Mugenjohncel to provide exposure to Project Gakuen.

You can learn more about Project Gakuen HERE… also, in the near future I will be looking for a writer who has a school themed story and a proofreader once everything is in place… in return, you’ll get a complete set of BG’s and a retarded artist πŸ™‚

Spread the word on Project Gakuen my friends… Uncle Mugen needs you…

Check the news section for regular project updates… bookmark and favorite for more pleasure

Original Lemmasoft thread where it all started
Skip to page 2 and beyond to see lovely progress updates



  1. Do solar panels get installed like that? I usually see them almost flat on roofs… which kind of makes sense, since if you have them vertical like that they’re going to only fully take light from a few directions.

    • Err… actually you are correct on that one but putting them the usual way will make them barely visible from ground level so I kinda went against conventional wisdom in favor of higher visibility thus the unconventional placement. They may be inefficient but they sure look impressive when viewed from below πŸ™‚

  2. Actually, this looks like a very interesting idea! I might consider writing a story in this universe for the sake of it being later intertwined with other stories. Could be fun.

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