Let’s start the new year… with a BG rant… Lol!…

January 6, 2013

Too much effort for a simple room scene that doesn’t even look as good as I hoped it would be

Sometimes I wonder if there really is a magic shortcut for doing all those pesky internal BG scenes without putting much effort… and that is the holy grail I seek… create cartoony/anime like BG’s with the least amount of effort that will look good with hand drawn images…

Despite using a sloppily configured setting, this scene still turned out good on it's first render...

Despite using a sloppily configured setting, this scene still turned out good on it’s first render…

External scenes are easy mode so far since Global Illumination is very easy to predict and control… internal scenes on the other hand is very chaotic and can be influenced by the tiniest of details… even a simple scene quickly becomes complicated to produce… Here’s a tiny peek at my little agony…


Here is a BG for sepia tears… this is Luks’a room before rendering…


Initially… I relied mostly on Global Illumination (the light outside) and a quick light above and 20 minutes later the results are far less stellar than I hoped for… it’s dark and eerily realistic even for a sloppy render setting.


Tried increasing the light and added a light source behind the camera to provide additional light and another 20 minutes has passed and I almost spit my coffee when I looked at the results…


OK so the previous image is too bright… even though I kinda like the effect it has on the walls, the rest of the scene is just way to over saturated .. if only I could retain that render setting for the wall… Anyway, let’s reduce the intensity of the light. Another 20 minutes later… this is the result…


Still not right… still too bright and way too over saturated… let’s reduce the light a bit more… and 20 minutes later…

At this point I give up and decided to take the best looking render and ugh… Manually color correct it, add some lens flare here and there and BAM! Instant BG… All in all I wasted 80 minutes waiting for the various renders and another 1 hour to manually color correct the image plus another 2 hours modeling the scene in google sketchup. All in all it took me about 4 and a half hours to do this BG which made me think what if I draw it manually from the start… will it take me that long and will the results be better?… Unless I tried drawing a BG manually, I’ll never know…

This is one of the many reason why I’m hell bent of finding a way to bake shadows into textures in sketchup. Imagine, once you find the perfect setting you’ll never have to re-render again… EVER!

Someday it will come but for now… we no choice but to make do with this method…

Oh well… Happy New Year…



  1. hey mugen sorry to bother
    my old blog visual novel aer got suspended.
    would be very happy if you can re-subscribe at the new URL (http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.org) if you want to~

    sry for that. ty

  2. I don’t know about you, but I think the simplest background styles that go pretty well with VN sprites are the vctor type bg’s like this http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/437/437,1149254846,4/stock-vector-living-room-background-vector-1391538.jpg
    If you got that style down you could probably get tonnes of bg’s done in a short space of time. The only issue with that is details in art like that is very limited.

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