And again… a bit of update – This time it’s Miko…

January 31, 2013

And now I introduce to you Miko… the pink haired protagonist of Blue Lemma’s – Lemma’s Tales VN and the upcoming Lamest of Lame…


As you noticed she closely resembles the original material but if you look closer there is several differences I put in place. Yes she retains her petite body, the jeans, the ribbon and everything but I took the liberty of slightly altering her shirt design.


[This is original design we based on]

I also tried really hard to copy her hairstyle from the original but I just cannot seem to pin down the exact hairstyle Miko used so again I throw everything out of the window (like I always do) and gave her a pony tail (which she will undo later in the game)…


[Here, Miko is not as tall as Alice but definitely cuter]

This would be the 3rd time I remade her sprite since this project Lamest of Lame was actually quite old and gets tossed aside in favor of more delicious projects… the 10th year anniversary just give me the perfect excuse to divert effort into finishing this… I tried really hard to make her look tame and gentle so I can hide her nasty side…

miko sprite

[An older obsolete sprite of Miko… ]

Oh well… that is all for now… more to come… I love typing in English…

In case you wanted to try the remake made by Blue Lemma you can find it HERE

“POOF” (Disappears)

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