Reusable trees are good but…

February 4, 2013

OK… I know I’m hell bent on streamlining on optimizing my workflow in creating BG’s and reusable trees is an integral part of it but you see…. after using and abusing the same tree template for 5 years in so many backgrounds and graphics… I too get sick and tired of looking at them…I need to try and do something fresh…


I know, I’ll try and draw trees manually… easy right?… Err… not quite…

I’ve been using and abusing the same set of template trees for so long that I haven’t drawn any trees manually and I’m beginning to wonder… do I still have what it takes to draw a tree… manually?… No use procrastinating and better get to work…


An hour later (which is a long time) I managed to make this in Photoshop 7… Hmm… Seems passable, not to mention I can manually change the colors and hue of either the leaves or the trunks since they are layered and independent to each other unlike the previous template which is nothing but tree images photoshopped to hell and back to make it look like hand drawn… maybe I should draw more trees manually… what do you think?…

Anyway, in case you wanted to use the Tree Template for whatever project you are doing, you can grab it HERE

One comment

  1. I say… IT’S VERY GOOD! And also you can fit trunk and leaves to give more mood to the scene. Nice work as usual. I’m envy of your talent… grrr.

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