Update on re-drawn Miko sprites for Lamest of Lame OELVN

February 11, 2013

Long story short, I already have this finished Miko sprite but I accidentally flattened the master files so I have no choice but to redraw the sprite from scratch since I cannot edit them and make variations to it… By the way, this is for project Lamest of Lame OELVN… which will most likely end up on NaNoRenO…


Sorry for Watermark, this is sprite of Miko

Here is preview, she still retains the slender petite appearance of the original but the hair is now more defined but less volume. Her pose is less dynamic from previous but is more feminine and cute… Yes, this is using my previous original style using thick lines and highly accentuated and simplified shading… which turned out good…

I fail at English… better stop for now… XD

“POOF” (Disappears)


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