FREE BG’S FROM UNCLE MUGEN for use with your OELVN (aka VISUAL NOVEL) projects

May 19, 2013

free_bgsAnd now we come to the juicy part… I the handsome UNCLE MUGEN has been quietly developing and refining my Sketchup BG making techniques. My main objective is to reduce the steps down to five and make a tutorial so everyone can make their own BG’s without much effort… so far so good I managed to bring it down to a safe 8… still 3 steps more than my ideal goal but I’m still working on it.

Of course along the way we have to do things by trial and error and sometimes we end up with a few test BG’s that are byproduct of the experiments. Some of them are good enough to be used in a project and it would be a shame it I just discard them right?… So I quietly compiled them in a nice little thread that is being updated regularly where I post them backgrounds together with other resources like frameworks and sketchup models for everyone’s use.

Terms are pretty lax… anything goes FREE to use, modification is OK , even OK to be used in commercial projects… just say hi to me Uncle Mugen when used…

To visit the thread click HERE

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. Proofreading help? :3

  2. I am currently gathering material for very first my VN (or more like an experimental one :P) and then I came across this… I was like no way… and then I was like I really couldn’t be thankful enough for the material that you have provided for free…. Thank you so much

  3. Thank you >.<

  4. thank you for the BG :3 / ill use it for my comic project

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