New Sketchup House Model now available for your OELVN needs… and yes, it’s FREE!!!

July 23, 2013

As the title says… New Sketchup House Model now available for your OELVN needs… and yes, it’s FREE!!!


But before we begin let’s take a look at this (see image below)


This is a Sketchup Model of a typical Urban / Sub Urban Japanese home that I uploaded way back in October 20, 2011 which is quite a while ago. This is also my first model that appeared in an OELVN (EVN or Visual Novel) project.


While it served it’s purpose… I’m the type of person who loves to maximize the usage of things and squeeze as much from what I created. So this particular model was constantly being used, re-used and abused again and again both in my Free BG’s, other projects and even in other people’s projects… basically it’s everywhere and I can recognize it at a glance (See image above) We need a new house model… and here we are…



For this model, I tried my best to make sure it doesn’t look like it’s from Japan so I opted for a more traditional home layout with a typical door, electrical box thingy, window and roof drainage on side of sloping roof found everywhere.


Of course… every modern home should have an Air conditioner… it is a basic human right for every household to have an Air conditioner.


And while we’re at it… might as well install an exhaust and a tank less water heater behind the house…


But the most important addition is the garage where you safely store your car protected from the elements…


Another thing I did is to add more color and texture variations to the model… now you have many flavors to chose from or go on an adventure and change the textures yourself to suit your needs 🙂


As always, the model is available for FREE because UNCLE MUGEN loves you all. You can use it for your OELVN projects or just about anything that may serve you best… even OK for commercial projects. Modifications are not only OK but highly encouraged… just say hi to me when you use this… UNCLE MUGEN would love to hear your story 🙂

Anyway, you can download the model HERE

Something tells me the house still looks way too Japanese 🙂



  1. What is “free”? Public domain? Creative Commons? No commercial use? No derivatives? Or…?

    • This is basically…

      – Provided FREE of charge
      – OK for commercial use
      – OK to modify

      You are free to use it for whatever purpose it may serve you best 🙂

  2. Great house! Although maybe the reason why it still looks a little japanese is because of the extremely compact section its on… Unlike japanese houses, western houses tend to have quite spacious sections with decently-sized front lawns & backyards (:

  3. Hey, Can I request Backgrounds that I haven’t seen are they free or do I have to pay? I know you had something saying you wanted to try other backgrounds?

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