Why I love GoDaddy despite what the internet is telling me…

August 17, 2013

So here you have GoDaddy… one Google away and you can see a lot of articles ranging from Why GoDaddy is Evil to why Godaddy sucks and should try other hosting…


You know what, true, there are many out there that are cheaper than GoDaddy but ever since I started using GoDaddy I barely have problems with them and even if I do have problems with them, they are trying their best to resolve it one way or another.

Long story short, I’m a layman when it comes to websites and and servers and PHP things like that. So when I tried installing WordPress for a new Non-UNCLE MUGEN, Non-OELVN website unnasisted and alone, I’m pretty much expecting trouble… and trouble did happened… not only I messed up the new website I just got, I also messed up the other two existing websites in that GoDaddy account… IIRC I accidentally deleted some folders and stuff… uploading FTP of backup files only made the existing sites a jumbled mess. At that point, I gave up on them and decided to let the IT handle and fix my screw-up and decided to concentrate on this one new website.

In this website, I wanted to use WordPress… now unlike the free wordpress blog. The one hosted on GoDaddy will have to have it’s bells and whistles manually added to have the same functionality as the Free WordPress sites. Enter Jetpack… install wait and see… and then… nothing happened… All I got is a “Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible” message


So I decided to resort to tech support which normally resolves all of my problems… to my surprise and horror… not only the reply didn’t solve my problems it gave me what I considered irrelevant and useless reply… of course I am surprised! This is the first time GoDaddy failed me. So to vent out my frustration I went to twitter and rant about it and guess who pops up in Twitter… GoDaddy….

Long story short, GoDaddy twitter asked me about my report number and reviewed it and and gave me the correct hint I needed to activate Jetpack and have it communicate with the server. It seems Jetpack doesn’t work on newer PHP that comes default with GoDaddy so a simple downgrade and bam! problem solved… Godaddy goes as far as twitter to help GoDaddy users resolve their GoDaddy problems.

So there you have it… GoDaddy may not be cheap but it’s comforting that I can rely on them when I needed them the most…. I’ll stay with GoDaddy…

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting 🙂

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