And now for a “Back to Basics” post – How to crop images…

October 31, 2013

Long story short, I stumbled upon a tweet from @My_True_Form


OK, the keyword here is “crop” so this question isn’t exactly new but cropping photos is pretty much a very basic required skill when you are involved in OELVN aka Visual Novel creation and there are quite a number of tutorials out there that covers this topic more comprehensively. For now, let’s concentrate on Adobe Photoshop 7 since it’s the one I have… So here we are… Uncle Mugen teaches you how to crop your image in Photoshop 7… For this tutorial I will assume you have basic grasp of the menus.

I recommend you click on the images to see a larger version…


First open your image in Photoshop 7


Next, duplicate the layer so in case you screwed up the whole process, you will still have a fresh backup layer to go back to.


Using the pen tool (Press P) draw an outline around the area you intend to crop or cut.


Once you closed the lines, right click inside the outline enclosure you made, select “Make Selection” and chose a “Feather Radius of 0” and press “OK”


Once the selection has been created, hit delete in your keyboard to erase the selected area.


Now do the rest of the image. It is highly recommended that you do this in small increments especially for detailed drawings.


And there you have it… You now have a cleanly cropped image…

Hope this helps 🙂

“POOF” (Disappears)


  1. Just a slight complaint with your method: It’s more efficient to draw all the selections first and then make the deletions. It’d also be helpful if you showed how to use the pen tool properly with a mouse as a lot of people actually have trouble with that. Also, why are you still using Photoshop 7, Mr. rich guy?

  2. Well… this is pretty much one of those rush tutorials if you notice the short time difference between the tweets and this blog post so in order to save time I just assumed that he already knows basic Photoshop or in worse case scenario… the keywords I left should make it easier for him/her to google search a much more detailed tutorial. Same reason why I left out the detailed use of pen tool…

    As for the Photoshop 7… I already own a license for CS4 so I guess it’s just me and my stubbornness that I still continue to use Photoshop 7 not to mention it is the version of Photoshop I’m most comfortable with 🙂

    Also, I’m just a poor boy trying to make a living selling printer ink… (wink)

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