Here we go again… DSE The Game… because I don’t have a writer so might as well stick to existing material ;_;

December 2, 2013

I should have listened to LateWhiteRabbit’s advice… never get too attached to your project…

So we have this girl here whose name we still don’t know to this day first appeared on Dec 04, 2011 in a game called “Renpy Date Simulation Engine – The Game”… to the world, this project was pretty much a done deal already. But unknown to most, there are at least 3 more versions that came out, each with improvements on it’s predecessor… mostly Graphics and some optimization. I’ve been using this project internally to test new Renpy features, improve my personal arsenal of Ren’py know how and as a sort of R&D showcase project which I secretly release to a few select people here in Lemmasoft via normal email (wink). And now nearly 2 years later and 4 different release versions later… here we go again…


This would be her 8th version sprite-wise. The revision is necessary since the latest BG’s have changed drastically that the 7th revision now stands out too much.


So the 8th sprite revision is sort of dumbed down detail and color wise compared to the previous version, the lines are much thinner and cleaner and extremely reduced shading. Anyway, I’m currently contemplating about publicly releasing the next version as 2.0 (which is technically Version 5.0 if we count the private releases) then again, who would be interested in a two year old game that will only get Animated BG’s and improved sprites and FX’s…

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. It’s a great improvement and the original looked quite decent already.

    The expressions are very well done, it’s hard to keep a charaacter consistent in different poses and with different expressions, but you did very well!

  2. #7 – #8 – #7 – #8
    … … …
    Damn, Uncle, where the boobs are?! :crzy:

  3. I’m a writer I want to create this type of game but I’m not good in the art section if you need help I can!

  4. If you are still looking for one I will love to help out.

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