学校ジム Basketball / Multi Purpose Gym Building – Extreme High Detail Ver. 2

March 16, 2014

UNCLE MUGEN says YES!!! (And here I go with my horrible English!)


Before we start let me post this NOT SO NICE image to remind everyone that 3D warehouse is starting to phase out the old Sketchup which I am so reluctant to upgrade because I have old Free and Paid plugins that doesn’t work with new Sketchup… so there… now on to the main dish!

I have something really nice for today! I am so happy and proud of it that I cannot type in proper English but enough of that for now. Anyways, remember “THIS” sketchup model of School/Basketball Gym?… of course not… What I have here is an updated model of that previous model it has more details now but first let’s look at the difference between the old school gym and the new school gym…


Old and New Gym side by side (front)


Old and New Gym side by side (side)

The new school gym (right) is considerably larger than the previous old gym (left)


ZOMG! is so nice and detail! I like it!

As I have said earlier, it has more delicious details now as seen in this cutaway.


The old stairs


The new and much better stairs

And when I said, it is more detailed, I really mean it is more detailed. Just check the difference between the stairs posted above… DELICIOUS!


Old and tired


New and… I’m tired

Even the joists are not spared! It has more polygons now to slow down certain machines.


And much better here is current floor plan of the Sketchup model in case you are wondering.

Still not enough to convince you to download this model?… let UNCLE MUGEN tease you with very nice (but highly inaccurate) renders…


Bah! I suck at materials


Nice exterior detail… too bad I botched the lighting


Lighting is still… meh


You know, something tells me I screwed up the reflection…


At this point I give up!


Screw everything! HELLO GLOBAL WARMING!!!

OK that was fun… Anyway’s same with previous resources. This is free for use for whatever purpose it may serve you best. Modifications are OK and highly encouraged.. It doesn’t even have to be OELVN related. Even OK for commercial purpose.

You can download it “HERE” in Sketchup 3D warehouse.

Also nice thing about it is now the new 3D warehouse, you can navigate around in the model in 3D… REAL TIME! NICE!!!

To see more of UNCLE MUGEN’s Failed Experiments Dump FREE OELVN RESOURCES… just come here in THIS THREAD in LEMMASOFT and help yourself!



  1. Hello,

    I’ve finally started dabbling in Sketchup for a particular project that requires a few backgrounds – I’ve almost finished my first model (where by that I mean I made a room and added loads of props from the warehouse; it’s a free project).

    After adding a fair few models to my scene, though, I’m starting to notice some slow down when turning the camera around. This is the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9WMxfREy9oSeXQ1UWc2WDZPMDg/edit?usp=sharing

    I still need to add the ceilings and a couple of lights hanging from them, but I was wondering whether there’s a way for me to optimise the performance without simplifying the models. I have an i7 with a decent nVidia graphics card and 8Gigs of RAM, so I’m not exactly on a crappy computer…

    Any idea of what might be wrong with that compound model?

    Either way, I’ll be referencing your Youtube Sketchup tutorial (once I figure out how to light up the scene with the sunlight) and then I’ll work on it in MangaStudio. Ideally, I’d like to make it so the backgrounds work OK with stuff drawn in a tyle similar to what I did for http://i.imgur.com/in4MM81.png (though a bit more painterly, maybe).

    Let me know if you can be bribed to allow me to become your Sketchup disciple!

  2. Um… can you re-save the file (save-as) in Sketchup 8 format… it should be in there… right now I only have license for Sketchup 8 and very reluctant to upgrade due to specific plug-in’s that only work with Sketchup 8

    • Sure thing, thanks for having a look at it!


      (Any particular plug-ins that you’d recommend? I’m completely new to all this so I’ve not even looked at any so far.)

    • I found a way to make it render faster while I work on it. 😀

      The style I had was some non-default one; I changed that to Simple Style and the model now spins around a lot faster!

      I’m thinking of adding a dummy room on the other side of the closed shoji door in front of the entrance door, with a window (so that when I light the scene up the light filtering from the shoji screen looks believable), then a small wall and tree outside the door, light switches, lights hanging from the ceiling and leave it at that.
      The house belongs to an old woman that’s moving out, that’s why I put a few plants – and I’ll add more, now that the PC isn’t dying – and several boxes around. I only kept the structure of the original photo I used with Photo Match but I changed the place to suit what I had in mind for the house.

      Of course, I still have to learn most stuff about Sketchup, still!

      • OK I saw the model and thoroughly inspected it for corrupt or redundant geometry but so far there is none. I also checked the poly count and it’s pretty low by Sketchup standards so we can rule that one out too as the cause of the problem. And since you mentioned that you have a decent machine, that leaves us with one remaining possibility… you forgot to enable OpenGL…

        Go to:
        Window > Preferences > OpenGL and check Use Hardware Acceleration and Fast Feedback…

        Also, you can play with the camera angle… right now, you’re default camera angle is set at 70+ which is good in some cases…

        To change Camera angle:
        Camera > Filed of View and using the numeric pad of the keyboard type any number from 1 to 360 and press enter

        Default is 35… anything lower than 15 will start to act as an isometric drawing. 45 to 65 is still acceptable but anything beyond that is GoPro territory 🙂

        Hope this helps…

      • Thanks for inspecting it, it’s good to hear there isn’t too much geometry. OpenGL was the first thing I thought of, but it was already on – it seems that it’s really having a layout different from “Simple” and having the textures on that’s making it slow down… or maybe I’m just really picky about framerate. 🙂

        I shall play with camera as well – my setup seems to be 3 point, but it was suggested to me to do 2 point for VNs. I need to figure out how to delete the photograph now that I don’t need the reference anymore, and to figure out how to know for certain (without eyeballing) where the horizon is so I can decide how tall the protagonist is and therefore where the horizon should be.

        Thanks a lot!

  3. Yo, I’ve got another question (I’m going through your video tutorial but I’m modifying it a bit because I’ve got a interior background): did you find any way with or without plugin to display the name of a material in Sketchup?

    I’m currently working on what I’ve shown to you and I want to know which is the material for the window at the back and for the windows at the sides of the entrance door, but so far no dice – I didn’t find any plugin that does just that.

    Also, would it be too much bother if I showed you what I get once I finish with your process? I’d like to get the pro’s opinion on it. If you’re too busy though don’t worry. 😀

  4. Here it is: http://i.imgur.com/F7cPziY.png

    It’s really… sparkly. I’m really a noob when it comes to 3D and particularly rendering. All of the terminology in the settings completely elude me. :/
    I had to use Kerkythea because Podium left an ugly watermark on the bottom of the image, but it’s all good. Didn’t really get along with Brighter3D at all (I didn’t manage to figure out how to get a clay render from it at all, only the coloured model).

    Thanks so much for the tutorial, I wouldn’t have even managed to produce this much without you!

  5. Hello, I am an amateur cartoonist in Korea. I use your model in the background?

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