Hammer – NaNoRenO 2014 OELVN (Visual Novel Entry) is now released

March 28, 2014




A mysterious illness has spread throughout the world killing people everywhere and in desperation, you escaped and wandered aimlessly and ended up in some remote cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Graphics – Uncle Mugen (Mugejohncel)
SFX / Music – Off the shelf Commercial – Royalty Free SFX from BlueFX + Original Uncle Mugen Recordings from BlueFX
Story – This Anonymous Guy from 4chan /jp/ way way back
Engine – Ren’py 6.13

Download Links:
Renai Archive [WINDOWS / MAC / LINUX]

Relevant Links:
Lemmasoft Release Thread
Lemmasoft WIP Thread


Whew… it’s been a long road but definitely worth it… WIP rant coming soon 🙂



  1. When I read that you were using Comipo models in place of your own illustrated characters to save time, I admit I got a bit worried. But somehow, you were able to take these models which are mainly used for comedic projects and effectively incorporate them into your serious story.

    I especially like the use of panning and sound fx used throughout the novel, particularly the dramatic zoom-out and shock stinger that plays when the protagonist reacts to the first knock at the door. I need to learn how to do that, someday.

    And it’s nice to see that even in a serious story, you find a way to include an Uncle Mugen cameo. But why creamed corn, of all things…? 🙂

    • I need to learn how to do that, someday?… Why not today?… Send me your email at “mugenjohncel@yahoo.com” and I’ll send you an un-narchived version of the project so you can look freely at the code and scripting 🙂

      • You would be willing to do that?
        I… I don’t know what to say…
        Oh wait, yes I do. Thank you, kind sir. 🙂

  2. How I can save the game ? Is there anywhere a save button ?

  3. […] Hammer Genre: Angst, violence, bloody scene Rating: M Year: 2014 Download: PC | Android Summary: Một căn bệnh bí ẩn đã lan rộng khắp thế giới giết người […]

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