Work in Progress

Note: The projects listed here only lists OELVN / Visual Novel projects that I have done/taken part of.


Sepia Tears
Project status: Almost Complete
Participation: BG-CG’s (IN-PROGRESS)

Follow progress HERE


Hanami X 2 (Subject to change without prior notice)
Project status: Almost Complete
Participation: BG-CG’s (COMPLETED)


Pet Project (Subject to change without prior notice)
Project status: Stalled
Participation: GUI (Possibly BG-CG in the near future)

Let’s see… so many things went wrong with this project. Lack of planning and clear leadership is just a few of the problems. Not to mention this project is “way” too similar to Wanko to Kurasou… a Japanese VN involving non-furry anthropomorphic cat and dogs.


Heavy Metal Girl Madonna “Episode 1 – Humble Origin”
Project status: Stalled

This project originally started as a joke with the sole purpose of trolling people on /jp/ but after a few threads, we actually compiled enough material, plot and suggestions to “actually” create a very ambitious multi part VN.

In case you wanted to try a very early version of this project, you could download it here.


My Dear Teacher “Mr. K”
Project status: Stalled

My first ever attempt at Ren’py. Currently on hold due to data lost during a nasty HD crash. Today, only the demo and a few CG’s and a small segment of the script exist. Someday, I will finish this project.

Anyway, the early demo (the only remaining fragment of this project) can be downloaded here.


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