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And now for a “Back to Basics” post – How to crop images…

October 31, 2013

Long story short, I stumbled upon a tweet from @My_True_Form

OK, the keyword here is “crop” so this question isn’t exactly new but cropping photos is pretty much a very basic required skill when you are involved in OELVN aka Visual Novel creation and there are quite a number of tutorials out there that covers this topic more comprehensively. For now, let’s concentrate on Adobe Photoshop 7 since it’s the one I have… So here we are… Uncle Mugen teaches you how to crop your image in Photoshop 7… For this tutorial I will assume you have basic grasp of the menus.

I recommend you click on the images to see a larger version… Read the rest of this entry ?


And here I am once again talking about OELVN Background Graphics…

September 29, 2012

Wiat hear me out OK… I know you must be getting tired of me promoting Sketchup as a viable tool in creating BG’s for OELVN’s or Visual Novel with minimal effort so allow me to show you this and get your attention…

Beautiful isn’t it?… It is made in less than 3 hours including all variations… no kidding… it is made possible by using existing sketchup models I uploaded in the 3D warehouse and from various sources with a bit of touchup post processing from Adobe Photoshop 7…¬† Read the rest of this entry ?