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“That Lucy… is the glorious sound of several dozen bursting anuses…”

February 6, 2013

OK, the title is actually a line from the project I’m working on “Lamest of Lame” and doesn’t have anything to do with what I will post today XD


Anyways, I already finalized how the GUI hud will appear in game. I went with a conservative approach and once again used the same template I used in my previous projects, slightly modified to produce a worry free working GUI hud.

It is made up of beautiful vibrant orange yellow with high contrasting black to stand out from the background and make the text more visible. There is the in-game buttons that will not contain the GENUFLECT option but the most important thing is the addition of the POV (Point of View) indicator since this OELVN will have you jumping from one person to another. The indicator will reduce confusion.

Uncle Mugen says… This is all for now to prevent spoilers…

Have nice day! XD

“POOF” (Disappears)


And now a bit of update – Lamest of Lame (Now a Lemmasoft 10th Year Anniversary Project)

January 30, 2013

I’ve been really tight lipped on what I’ve been up to so I can prevent jinxing my projects but I think it should be safe to post at least this much teaser to tell everyone I’m still alive…


This is Alice from Tales of Lemma (now Lemma’s Tales) made by Blue Lemma from Lemmasoft… ┬áIn the original game she is nothing more than this person who organized some event but now that Studio Mugenjohncel and Uncle Mugen is involved you can safely bet that awful things could happen XD. As you can see, I have reverted back to the two shade color simplistic style to save time and effort and get more things done in my ever dwindling free time. This version of Alice will appear in an upcoming Parody OELVN titled Lamest of Lame (an anagram of Tales of Lemma) meant to be released during the 10th year anniversary of Lemmasoft but due to busy schedule will be pushed back a bit despite the script being ready and complete for nearly 3 years… Oh and… you will notice her appearance has drastically altered from the original (See below image) Read the rest of this entry ?