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The Fucking Question… Again… Seriously, it feels like beating an already dead horse… again and again…

July 15, 2012

Updated Sylvie Sprite

Not much to say but here is the current sprite for Sylvie for The Fucking Question which is slated to get a graphics update and code update to comply with latest Ren’py… it’s not really that much effort since Sylvie only has nine (9) sprites and I did all of it in one sitting but the coding will be a pain to update though necessary since the original The Fucking Question already has difficulty running in newer machines…

Anyway, she’s now more thinner and slender with more pronounced facial expressions compared to her 2008 sprite. Adding the eyebugs and slightly visible wrinkles will reinforce the fact that she’s engaged in not so healthy activities like Drugs and a hind of Alcohol Abuse (No! Marijuana is totally safe and is non-addictive… true story) and currently leading a difficult and hard life. Also removed the inscription in the shirt since it makes the whole scene crowded. The script will most likely stay intact save for a few grammatical corrections here and there.

Other than that… not much to say for now… Oh well… here’s a mock up teaser…


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