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New Sketchup House Model now available for your OELVN needs… and yes, it’s FREE!!!

July 23, 2013

As the title says… New Sketchup House Model now available for your OELVN needs… and yes, it’s FREE!!!

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Studio Mugenjohncel now has a Tumbler Page!

June 25, 2013

Yes! I now come to the futures of the Internets!


Studio Mugenjohncel and Uncle Mugen is now proudly to present to you… our official Tumbler Account!!!

So you ask why have Tumbler when you have an already awesome WordPress?… Well… because I notice too many young people nowadays are too lazy to be bothered to read WordPress blog post (but wait… WordPress is awesome you know)

Anyway, I will be using this blog to post minor updates and other tidbits regarding Studio Mugenjohncel and it’s projects that are too short to warrant a full blogpost.

Look forward to it people and have nice day!

Here is Official Studio Mugenjohncel Tumbler Account if you want to visit and follow… come spread word to friends and family. Uncle Mugen is waiting warmly


And now comes the big question… What in the World is Studio Mugenjohncel up to this time!?…

May 19, 2013

(No photos or images in this post… sorry…)

Perhaps some have noticed my lack of activity here in the blog. Rest assured my friends… I’m still pretty much alive and active behind the scenes but I have decided to limit release on all my OELVN (and other related) projects. There are several good reasons for doing so but let’s just say one of them is superstition related 🙂 but I can give several hints on current projects running and completed ones that I haven’t had time to release properly (due to lack of music)…

Project 1 = (Technically Complete) Hammer and a Girl

Project 2 = 2 Twin Girls and some foreigner from the Netherlands…

Project 3 = (Almost Complete) Mushrooms and Explosive Diarrhea

Project 4 = (Technically Oh-Hold) Rock, Scissors, Paper and a few naked girls

Project 5 = Meddlesome Uncle

Anyway, that is all for now… I truly wish I can reveal more but I was advised not to do it and I must adhere strictly to our plan even though for an attentionwhore like me it is trully painful…


“POOF” (Disappears)


So I missed NaNoRenO… time to move on and focus on something else like… working on improving an older project :)

April 4, 2013

I’m still alive you know… barely…


So here is Ren’py Date Simulator, The Game (not again)… a tiny VN based around the demo VN included in Ren’py released back in 2011… Unfortunately, the rush to finish it before the end of the year left me with some lingering regrets and questions like what could I have done to make it better but still within my cheap, fast and efficient way of doing things… the amount of regret is so much I haven’t uploaded the game on the Ren’py archives yet. Read the rest of this entry ?