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Hard Embedding 2D looking Shadings and Shadows in Google Sketchup so I can have a recyclable background that I can use again and again without rendering every time I needed one – An Uncle Mugen Experiment

June 26, 2012

OK so what you see here is probably not as impressive compared my previous works but this one image you see here is a direct screenshot grab of an object (in this case a small room)  from sketchup and textured in Photoshop that produced produced this glorious hand drawn looking image without using any fancy renderers… no seriously. Read the rest of this entry ?


Want a great way to make your urban scene look more urban for use in your Visual Novel project?… Just add a bunch of pedestrian overpass here and there…

March 5, 2012

As the title says… this is a bg-cg for the Visual Novel project DSE and features several typical pedestrian overpass bridges. Where I came from, these pedestrian bridges are a common sight though I still wonder why so many of my fellow filipinos are stubborn to use them and instead jaywalk most of the time putting themselves and others at risk… but that’s part of being a filipino and I don’t expect me and my countrymen to change anytime soon… (now I feel genuine sympathy for the men and women of MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) who are just doing their jobs improving our urban lives through discipline)

Ehem… anyway… I Uncle Mugen will not hoard this precious resource to myself and will share to you this somewhat detailed pedestrian overpass in case you needed one for your Google Sketchup derived BG-CG’s for use in your OELVN (Visual Novel) projects…

You can get it here…

That’s all for now…

“POOF” (Disappears)


So what makes a good BG Scenery good looking… Loaded Electrical Distribution Poles?

February 13, 2012

OK so I have made a previous thread a while ago tackling this elusive subject of what makes a background scenery look pleasant in the eye?… While having a good artist to draw them is obviously a factor… we are not here to draw backgrounds… we don’t want to draw backgrounds because not anyone can draw backgrounds and even if someone can draw awesome backgrounds… chances are he/she will not be as enthusiastic about it compared to drawing sprites and that’s where Sketchup comes in (oh boy here I go again singing Sketchup praises and so forth… please bear with me for a bit)… Read the rest of this entry ?


UNCLE MUGEN’S BACKGROUND STUDIES – The City/Town Commercial District… probably THE most difficult but often necessary background graphics to make

November 2, 2011

First… I’ll post an unrelated image of Uncle Mugen to attract your attention…

In a visual novel… there are two very important things that stand out… the NOVEL part and the VISUAL part… unfortunately I Uncle Mugen is not a very talented writer so we concentrate, refine and master what we are good at and that is Backgrounds… In a typical Visual Novel you got at least a set of WHAT HAVE’s like the protagonist room, school corridor, the classroom and so forth… it is very understandable why there are so few people who are even willing to do BG’s especially for Visual Novels… it’s not gratifying enough… in case of a character sprite or let’s say an event scene… all you need to do is to draw something decent… not good but decent in order for your work to sell (in case you’re into commercial VN) or get recognition, fame and bragging rights (if you’re doing it for free) but that’s not the case for people who do backgrounds for OELVN’s (Visual Novels)… Nope!… In order for you to be EVEN slightly recognized, you’ve got to be really good as in godly good like Makoto Shinkai or that other Guy who based his backgrounds on real photos and paint them post apocalyptic style or this other guy who draw very large, very detailed BG’s where you can see the tiniest minute detail but for the rest of us mere mortals… our works will be no different from the next guy… OK so there are still various shades of gray in between regarding detail and skill level but still…

Here is a typical example of Godlike background is… very detailed, very beautiful as if you wanted to get inside the game and simply stroll there…

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