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Hammer – NaNoRenO 2014 OELVN (Visual Novel Entry) is now released

March 28, 2014




A mysterious illness has spread throughout the world killing people everywhere and in desperation, you escaped and wandered aimlessly and ended up in some remote cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Graphics – Uncle Mugen (Mugejohncel)
SFX / Music – Off the shelf Commercial – Royalty Free SFX from BlueFX + Original Uncle Mugen Recordings from BlueFX
Story – This Anonymous Guy from 4chan /jp/ way way back
Engine – Ren’py 6.13

Download Links:
Renai Archive [WINDOWS / MAC / LINUX]

Relevant Links:
Lemmasoft Release Thread
Lemmasoft WIP Thread


Whew… it’s been a long road but definitely worth it… WIP rant coming soon 🙂



Announcement: “Hammer” a Studio Mugenjohncel NaNoRenO OELVN entry

March 27, 2014

Warning! Horrible English!

And now comes the obligatory WIP announcement. I’ll be joining this NaNorenO 2014 (again, as a one man forever alone team ;_; ) with a short OELVN entry called “Hammer”… So the story was about a mysterious illness has spread throughout the world killing people everywhere and in desperation, you escaped and wandered aimlessly and ended up in some remote cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


The WIP thread can be found here in Lemmasoft Forums

But yes, unlike previous OELVN projects where most assets are hand drawn… due to time constraints because I am very busy person but I do not want to quit making OELVN’s, I decided to toss aside quality for now focus on Maximum Efficiency by relying on Sketchup for Backgrounds and ComiPO for the character sprites… They are 3D and may not look as good as 2D but they look good enough… Another thing that separates this OELVN project is it’s extremely minimalist approach… yes, GUI is thrown out of the window so I can has focus on the story. I know what I’m doing is basically using cheap and quick methods to get something done but you see… NaNoRenO is all about getting the job done within the allowed time… and this is something I plan to complete in time allowed.

I really can’t say much at this stage other than I’ll be releasing this OELVN work this coming March 29, 2014… the extra days are just to be safe that I have thoroughly bug tested it so will has no problem in release time.

Also, go check out the NaNoRenO WIP section of Lemmasoft, there are so many OELVN projects going on right now. Some will finish, some will not, some might be delayed but that is a lot of potential OELVN’s to read and enjoy and I wish everyone luck and good fortune and may every Dev finish their projects…

So… how is my English?…


And now comes the big question… What in the World is Studio Mugenjohncel up to this time!?…

May 19, 2013

(No photos or images in this post… sorry…)

Perhaps some have noticed my lack of activity here in the blog. Rest assured my friends… I’m still pretty much alive and active behind the scenes but I have decided to limit release on all my OELVN (and other related) projects. There are several good reasons for doing so but let’s just say one of them is superstition related 🙂 but I can give several hints on current projects running and completed ones that I haven’t had time to release properly (due to lack of music)…

Project 1 = (Technically Complete) Hammer and a Girl

Project 2 = 2 Twin Girls and some foreigner from the Netherlands…

Project 3 = (Almost Complete) Mushrooms and Explosive Diarrhea

Project 4 = (Technically Oh-Hold) Rock, Scissors, Paper and a few naked girls

Project 5 = Meddlesome Uncle

Anyway, that is all for now… I truly wish I can reveal more but I was advised not to do it and I must adhere strictly to our plan even though for an attentionwhore like me it is trully painful…


“POOF” (Disappears)


Hammer… nearly 3 years and still unreleased despite being “almost” complete back then simply because I forgot… Lol!

June 28, 2012

Well… not really 3 years… Lol!… but it all started here in this THREAD I made in /jp/ inviting people to submit their really short story and I’ll make a VN out of it while properly crediting them. A few posts later I got THIS reply… the story is good and everything that I made it within two weeks… yes, you heard it correctly… two weeks.

Anyway, this is Hammer… a VN about a little girl, a lonely guy and… a hammer.

So you ask, why didn’t you release it back then?… You see, 2009 was a time when Renpy leapfrogged in terms of features which I wanted to implement and of course Ren’py kept getting better and better while I on the other hand excited about all the new neat features back then that I wanted to try out that I slowly forgot that I have a complete VN sitting here in my HD waiting to be released… not to mention I can no longer contact the original author.

Fast forward nearly 3 years later… here I am again about to release Hammer with updated graphics (still a few missing pieces though) and GUI and everything compliant to the latest Ren’py release… hopefully I don’t get distracted this time and forget about this… Lol!… Of course the original Author will be credited…