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SATURDAY!!!… YEAH!!!… I am so close in achieving that hand drawn look on BG-CG’s using only Sketchup and a little help from a few plug-ins… and YES!… NO PHOTOSHOP THIS TIME!!!… NO REALLY!!!

September 18, 2010

The GUI and the sprite is just mock up but the BG is not… this is the result I got from messing up with a couple of Renderer for sketchup. Read the rest of this entry ?


Going 3D Pig Disgusting on BG-CG’s for OELVN’s… Part 2

February 20, 2010

Believe it or not, this delicious CG image you see above is all full 3D (No Photoshop whatsoever… really) This is the result of my week long hiatus from Lemmasoft Forums and use that time to familiarize myself with Google Sketchup and that renderer I purchased recently… yes it’s 3D… My main objective is to use 3D to speed up BG CG production for OELVN’s (or Visual Novels), make it look like it was deliciously drawn by an artist and make the resource reusable. Read the rest of this entry ?


Going 3D Pig Disgusting on BG-CG’s for OELVN’s

February 2, 2010

After putting much thought I finally decided…

It’s official… I’m going 3D from now on for my future OELVN projects…

Well… for BG-CG’s anyway. Let’s see, I know 3D rendered backgrounds can’t compete with manual labor of love that is Beautiful Handrawn BG-CG’s but you also can’t deny the advantages and convenience of Pig-Disgusting 3D Rendered BG-CG’s. First and probably the most obvious advantage is it’s reusability… meaning you can use the same resource over and over again saving time and effort. Aonther advantage is you could pick EXACTLY the spot you wanted to appear or rather you can move freely until you find that beautiful perfect spot. And another distinct advantage of 3D over traditional 2D is that you could choose your light setting with a few slider adjustments. You could have a day scene and a night scene without much of an effort. Read the rest of this entry ?