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The Petty Parody – A Parody of a Parody VN!?… WAT!?…

February 5, 2013

So once again I’m on my weekly grind in my never ending quest to improve my BG’s without actually making too much effort (AKA: USE EVERY CHEAP TRICK IN THE BOOK)… I got a little bit bored so I decided to go to Renai Archives and see what OELVN (AKA: ENGLISH VISUAL NOVEL) releases I missed and possibly review and give some exposure… Now unlike most of the Visual Novel related blogs out there who focuses on what was cute, moe, pretty,  polished,  hyped or popular… I, the Handsome Uncle Mugen is more focused on obscure or otherwise really strange and unique OELVN’S (AKA: ENGLISH VISUAL NOVEL) that most people tend to ignore… and boy I have a very good find today…


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