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Redesigned GUI for DSE and others… finally!…

February 25, 2012

After doing several variations… I finally settled on what will be the final GUI for DSE (which is disturbingly close to the previous GUI apart from the colors and updated graphics)… I also considered Komi Tsuku’s request and increased the screen resolution from 720×405 to 1280 x 768 so it is very large and will be slow on low end machines and netbooks… especially since the buttons will now be animated… (no use supporting older hardware now since everyone seems to have upgraded hardware already that can play GTAIV…)

I also dropped the “plus” and instead go with “version 2.0” meaning this is intended to replace the older DSE the Game previously released and the old graphics will now be viewable via the unlockable scrap section. Read the rest of this entry ?


Suddenly! A box full of Oranges out of FUCKING NOWHERE!

February 24, 2012

One of the more unusual requests I have ever received… this is a request of someone I talk to from… it is so unusual I decided to go ahead and do it all the way…

What a way to waste a good afternoon… Lol! Anyway, Hi resolution can be found HERE in case you’re interested for bigger resolution…


Moetron Requested Art… as promised

March 15, 2011

Oh my… 3 non-OELVN posts in a row… oh well…

Anyway, I made a promise to someone I’d draw him a MOETRON. Let’s see… I first saw MOETRON on 4chan’s /a/… she is this frankensteined moe parts… I don’t know, I think she’s a meme there of some sorts. Perhaps a combination of all moe-traits rolled into one girl… I’ll just post this here so I can fullfill a promise…

The thread in question…

…now if only I can align a few more text parts then I can finally release my latest OELVN project but let’s save it for another post