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“That Lucy… is the glorious sound of several dozen bursting anuses…”

February 6, 2013

OK, the title is actually a line from the project I’m working on “Lamest of Lame” and doesn’t have anything to do with what I will post today XD


Anyways, I already finalized how the GUI hud will appear in game. I went with a conservative approach and once again used the same template I used in my previous projects, slightly modified to produce a worry free working GUI hud.

It is made up of beautiful vibrant orange yellow with high contrasting black to stand out from the background and make the text more visible. There is the in-game buttons that will not contain the GENUFLECT option but the most important thing is the addition of the POV (Point of View) indicator since this OELVN will have you jumping from one person to another. The indicator will reduce confusion.

Uncle Mugen says… This is all for now to prevent spoilers…

Have nice day! XD

“POOF” (Disappears)


The Petty Parody – A Parody of a Parody VN!?… WAT!?…

February 5, 2013

So once again I’m on my weekly grind in my never ending quest to improve my BG’s without actually making too much effort (AKA: USE EVERY CHEAP TRICK IN THE BOOK)… I got a little bit bored so I decided to go to Renai Archives and see what OELVN (AKA: ENGLISH VISUAL NOVEL) releases I missed and possibly review and give some exposure… Now unlike most of the Visual Novel related blogs out there who focuses on what was cute, moe, pretty,  polished,  hyped or popular… I, the Handsome Uncle Mugen is more focused on obscure or otherwise really strange and unique OELVN’S (AKA: ENGLISH VISUAL NOVEL) that most people tend to ignore… and boy I have a very good find today…


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Just a tiny teaser… just a tiny one…

July 26, 2012

It’s almost time my friends… I’m glad to announce that all the graphical resources for The Fucking Question V2 is completed and is being compiled into the project to be thoroughly tested so we won’t repeat the same embarrassing mistake we had the last time…

So what to expect in version 2?… Well… of course there is the graphical updates, the larger resolution and more unreasonable amounts of animation here and there that will grab your systems resources by the balls and slow down your machine… Lol! Also present are the side stories, a “real” Q&A portion with input questions from anyone that is not me and finally answering the age old question… what is the relationship between Lucy and Uncle Mugen… are they friends? Are they lovers?… you will soon find out… Lol!…

Above is a sprite comparison between the old and the new sprites. While Boyet (Schoolgirl) closely resembles her previous sprite, Diego has undergone a radical change… gone are the hime-cut hairstyle in favor of the stereotypical perky girl generic anime style complete with ahegao ahoge (that dangling hair)

One interesting thing about this project is that while adding a few new nifty tricks… I uncovered an unexpected glitch in the Ren’py Tooltip where the Tooltip remains persistent in the screen after moving to a new menu and in what can be called a rare Uncle Mugen moment… I actually used my coconut to figure out a really ugly workaround to this problem. How ugly you ask? I filled the whole unused space of the screen with Null hotspots that displays an invisible image to override the previously shown Tooltip… Lol!… the game is now 100% slower on older machines!… Isn’t it great!?… OK that’s all for now… one last image to tease you my friends… Wha!… What!?… I’m fat!?… of course I’m fat now but this is 2008 Uncle Mugen… and back then I’m still lean and mean and handsome… oh wait… I’m still handsome… Lol!

“POOF” (Disappears)


And now a bit of teaser… Lol!…

June 5, 2012

OK so you probably am aware that I’m working on this which is a remake of the original DSE last December that I admit I kinda rushed just to have the excuse of having released in the year 2011. And although it kinda turned out fine I still feel it could have been more better if only I put additional few months worth of extra effort. Fast forward today… I have not only drastically improved the overall look and feel of the project but actually added more content… not gonna talk about it too much but here’s a teaser… Lol!…