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Adding simple animations for (Multi Layered) Sprites to be used in Renpy to make your project look… alive…… The Lazy way… again…

July 12, 2011

OK… Using suggestions by Ren doing multi-layered using Photoshop puppet pin tool since Motion Portrait system is nowhere available for more mortals like me… I redid the whole thing and I was (somewhat)  able to (somehow) imitate the effect I was after… and that is do a Motion Portrait like micro movements to make a static image more lifelike simulating breathing… Now there were several limitations in this method mainly I cannot tilt sideways or diagonally sideways more than 5 degrees since there really is no material to be shown beyond that (remember, this is not true 3D)

(You were right DaFool… too bad Motion Portrait doesn’t seem to be available anywhere other than being on user end products for… “BARF!” Apple… don’t get me wrong… I was coerced on owning an IPhone… only to be disappointed by it… I’m just waiting for the 2 year subscription contract to expire)

Anyway, where was I?…. Ah!… I’m planning on using this and apply it to individual sprites and animate them in Renpy for my upcoming OELVN projects (Aka English Visual Novels) Now to solve the problem of finding a decent frame-rate that can play on all systems high and low spec. Right now, I’m aiming at 12FPS….

OK I go for now…

“POOF” (Disappears)

Edit: I just realized, the breathing animation makes it look like Lucy the Second had some chest material which is not the case… she’s supposed to be as flat as a board and………..


Adding simple animations for Single Sprites to be used in Renpy to make your project look… alive…… The Lazy way…

July 10, 2011

Ah… it’s been awhile… I’ve been really REALLY busy lately but what the heck… on with the subject…

What you see here is a mock up but will closely resemble the final output… sort of…

So what am I up to this time again?…. Well,  I was looking for cheap, fast, efficient ways to enhance my project graphically and one of the things I’m looking at lately is adding minute animations to each sprite to give the impression of being alive… So what are my options… Read the rest of this entry ?


If they say that my masturbation material is boring, then I’ll just have to show them masturbation like they’ve never seen before!… or something like that…

April 27, 2011

EDIT: I wasn’t expecting this blog post to be this successful… and so is the barrage of spam and uh… shitpost that came afterward (probably a manual one) I received in the comments so I temporarily disabled comments while I try and clean things here. Now that I have managed to somewhat filtered them… I re-enabled comments again…

EDIT 2: Whoever you are it’s Envy not Jelly OK… also please stop with the homo and onion spam… please…

And with that title we begin this blog post. This particular line was said by a character named Kuronegro in some anime recommended (actually insisted) by a friend I must watch since he thought I might find it relevant… and relevant it was… Read the rest of this entry ?


…and again another revision

April 20, 2011

Oh my… this will make it the 6th revision… no more, this is good enough… I am not touching the GUI till I’m done cleaning the rest of the project…

So let’s see what are the changes… Read the rest of this entry ?


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