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Brighter3D – FREE Rendering plugin for Sketchup!

March 5, 2013



Long story short! We now found a really very good and promising renderer for Sketchup that is FREE! YES! FREE!!…  While it is still in Beta and pretty much basic as of writing…  the mere fact that it is available for FREE means it is opening possibilities and accessibility to a lot of people who otherwise cannot afford a commercial renderer. YES! It is now possible for everyone to create beautiful Background Graphics for OELVN (aka EVN) use or even photo realistic renders in Sketchup for FREE!!!

It is Brighter3D – FREE Rendering plugin for Sketchup!

You can visit the developer’s site here…

There is one catch though… it currently doesn’t support Windows XP and this is where I the Handsome UNCLE MUGEN needs your help!

The developer posted this on his site, saying if he gets at least 30 users to say yes to Windows XP he will support it!

C’mon guys… this is our only chance to get a promising renderer to support Windows XP… the OS of the GODS!

UNCLE MUGEN badly needs your help on this one!… please spread the word my friends!

“POOF” (Disappears)