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学校ジム Basketball / Multi Purpose Gym Building – Extreme High Detail Ver. 2

March 16, 2014

UNCLE MUGEN says YES!!! (And here I go with my horrible English!)


Before we start let me post this NOT SO NICE image to remind everyone that 3D warehouse is starting to phase out the old Sketchup which I am so reluctant to upgrade because I have old Free and Paid plugins that doesn’t work with new Sketchup… so there… now on to the main dish!

I have something really nice for today! I am so happy and proud of it that I cannot type in proper English but enough of that for now. Anyways, remember “THIS” sketchup model of School/Basketball Gym?… of course not… What I have here is an updated model of that previous model it has more details now but first let’s look at the difference between the old school gym and the new school gym…


Old and New Gym side by side (front)


Old and New Gym side by side (side)

The new school gym (right) is considerably larger than the previous old gym (left)


ZOMG! is so nice and detail! I like it!

As I have said earlier, it has more delicious details now as seen in this cutaway.


The old stairs


The new and much better stairs

And when I said, it is more detailed, I really mean it is more detailed. Just check the difference between the stairs posted above… DELICIOUS!


Old and tired


New and… I’m tired

Even the joists are not spared! It has more polygons now to slow down certain machines.


And much better here is current floor plan of the Sketchup model in case you are wondering.

Still not enough to convince you to download this model?… let UNCLE MUGEN tease you with very nice (but highly inaccurate) renders…


Bah! I suck at materials


Nice exterior detail… too bad I botched the lighting


Lighting is still… meh


You know, something tells me I screwed up the reflection…


At this point I give up!


Screw everything! HELLO GLOBAL WARMING!!!

OK that was fun… Anyway’s same with previous resources. This is free for use for whatever purpose it may serve you best. Modifications are OK and highly encouraged.. It doesn’t even have to be OELVN related. Even OK for commercial purpose.

You can download it “HERE” in Sketchup 3D warehouse.

Also nice thing about it is now the new 3D warehouse, you can navigate around in the model in 3D… REAL TIME! NICE!!!

To see more of UNCLE MUGEN’s Failed Experiments Dump FREE OELVN RESOURCES… just come here in THIS THREAD in LEMMASOFT and help yourself!


New Sketchup House Model now available for your OELVN needs… and yes, it’s FREE!!!

July 23, 2013

As the title says… New Sketchup House Model now available for your OELVN needs… and yes, it’s FREE!!!

001 Read the rest of this entry ?


Retrofitting an Old School Ugly School Building for OELVN (aka EVN) use – Part 01 (maybe)

March 17, 2013

Note: Un-Rendered Screenshots saved directly from Trimble Sketchup

NaNoRenO?… Nope, I’m not gonna discuss NaNoRenO projects for today. Instead, I’ll talk about that old sketchup building I released a while ago.


Newly retrofitted school building viewed from the gym front entrance.

Long story short, a few weeks ago I released a sketchup model of a whole school building complete with furnishings  under creative commons HERE for use with OELVN BG creation. While it does serve it’s purpose I’ve been receiving a few (actually just 2) emails that it looked kinda brutal and old. As if the building was build during the 70’s and wasn’t maintained properly. I took a second look and yes indeed, it looked horrible which is perfect for horror stories but awful setting for a lovey-dovey moe-moe school love story. Read the rest of this entry ?


FREE!!! Sketchup Model School Basketball / Multi-Purpose Gym Building – Extreme High Detail (with interior) – For use with OELVN Projects

February 19, 2013


UNCLE MUGEN again got something really nice for you guys… this time it is an stupidly detailed school basketball / multi purpose gym building… it is not as heavy as the previous school class building but still heavy for older machines… Originally meant for OELVN use (aka Visual Novel) Use for whatever purpose it may serve you best including commercial use. Just don’t forget to say hi credit me Uncle Mugen (Johan Sy) in case you used it. Please do not forget about me when I’m gone OK… :mrgreen:

You can get it here… HERE

Here are some more previews… (Note: Raw Un-rendered Screenshots)


Beautiful Exterior


Now with porn-o-licious x-ray mode!

Now with porn-o-licious x-ray mode!


Yes, it is a full basketball court!

Yes, it is a full basketball court!


With delicious details for close up of things!

With delicious details for close up of things!

More nice views from above!

More nice views from above!


Here are audience seats... without the audience...

Here are audience seats… without the audience…



It is generous to provide enough space for other sports activities like Judo, Aikido, Love Making, Dancing and Kung-Fu!!!



A close up of un-necessary details


OK that is all for now!

“POOF” (Disappears)