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ComiPO… what are you exactly!?… and is it worth it?

January 12, 2014

And now for something a little bit different… I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I’ve been very busy lately…


Long story short… I’m extremely curious as to what this ComiPO is all about since Destiny Fails Us is using it for his/her OELVN (visual novel) that it override my usual cautious nature and popped money to buy it ASAP without even knowing what the program is and what it can do…

OK I have a slight idea but not much.

OK so it’s US$50… I guess there is a reason for this… but first, what is ComiPO in the first place?… According to their website…

Try to read the paragraph below in Morgan Freeman’s voice… I DARE YOU!!!

Good news for people who can’t draw! If you use ComiPo!, you can easily make manga in a style of drawing that you could not create yourself. Now you can create manga simply by using a mouse – except when you type the words! (If you create a comic without words, then all you need is a mouse!) It’s simple to make changes, even as your manga project nears completion! Make as many adjustments as needed until you are satisfied. (Then it becomes a waiting game between you and your client.) You can easily create high quality comics simply by laying out data! (However, please provide your own imagination and motivation.) You can save a lot of time! (You no longer need to stay up all night working only to carelessly knock over an inkbottle!)

Long story short, it’s a Comic / Manga / Doujin Maker…


And yes, it is very good at it’s intended task… the menu is very intuitive… without even reading a single manual, the whole thing is very intuitive… I made this image below in under 5 minutes…


I can tell this and I will not be ashamed of it… THIS FUCKING PROGRAM IS FUCKING FUN TO PLAY WITH!!! It didn’t stop there, along the way, I learned that you can actually put your own 3D models in the scene so I used THIS and placed it in the scene…


It was AWESOME and so EASY!!! You pick a background, pick a character, place them in scene, chose a pose and select a nice angle and add whatever words you wanted and it’s all so… NATURAL!


Not only 3D items and models but also 2D raster graphics like BG’s and sprites… I can clearly see now the possibilities and why a layman or a person isn’t very good at drawing would love this program…

character creation

Yes!… Your very own Virtual Girlfriend… ;_;

You can even make your own character by customizing things like dress, hair color and such and save it for later abuse. And best of all, there are additional downloadable items available for free. Mostly minor items and props but not much but it’s free so you really can’t complain.


OK so I am having a blast and I am somewhat confident now to up the ante and try and make my own pose… there is none… Seriously, all you have are a preset number of poses to chose from… no way of editing or modifying them except for the head position where you can rotate it to some degree.


Well this kinda sucks…


And here comes the part where regret is starting to sink in. I just noticed that the selection of base character and clothes available revolves around the typical “Visual Novel School Theme” and yet clearly on Destiny Fail Us site, the characters are wearing something else…

school theme

Am I missing something?

Yes indeed, after looking closely at the site I just realized a really horrible thing… apparently, the other clothes are sold separately and right now there are…

ComiPo! Collection 1 : Props & Scenes
Price : $14.95 (suggested retail price)

ComiPo! Collection 2 : Summer Uniform & Sportswear
Price : $24.90 (suggested retail price)

ComiPo! Collection 3 : Swim Wear
Price : $24.90 (suggested retail price)

ComiPo! Collection 4 : Casual Wear
Price : $19.95 (suggested retail price)

Total price for all is $84.07 + ComiPO = US$134.07

So I was like ZOMG! This ComiPO is a lot more expensive than I thought! It’s even more expensive than Twilight Render which at US$99.00 you get the whole package and everything… WTF!?… Of course… being stupid… I still brought everything!!!


Surprise Kick our of nowhere for no apparent reason!

If you think this is the worse go check the Japanese website… while it’s full of Japanese text which I do not understand I can clearly tell that the Japanese Site is way more active, alive and constantly updated with newer and fresher content… MY GAWD! They even have COSMIC BREAK MODELS in there but what do we get!?… Some stupid looking FROG!!!… Now I’m beginning to feel as if I’m being ripped off because the English site fails in comparison. There are a few brave men and women on Deviantart who create fresh content to stretch the usability of the software but yes, they’re limited to either modifying an existing part like hair and eyes or mere props and items but never entire models or pose.


Of course, there is still some use for this software. This can be used for prototyping Visual Novels or OELVN projects. Also, the characters can fill and populate the background to make it more alive and dynamic. Other than that, I personally don’t have much use for this software because of it’s limitations. Or maybe I should start making Comics out of it.


Now don’t bash ComiPO very quickly. It was a software with a specific purpose and it was built around it and it is very good at it while keeping it’s intended target audience into consideration. Any other purpose made out of it are merely incidental. It can be used for VN (OELVN’S), it can be used for posters and notifications and make it more interesting. It can be used as filler for BG’s or even to make really funny meme’s out of it.

Personally, I’d recommend MMD if you need more flexibility but if you are feeling adventurous then go ahead… buy ComiPO, it’s fun to play with it 🙂

“POOF” (Disappears)


Here we go again… DSE The Game… because I don’t have a writer so might as well stick to existing material ;_;

December 2, 2013

I should have listened to LateWhiteRabbit’s advice… never get too attached to your project…

So we have this girl here whose name we still don’t know to this day first appeared on Dec 04, 2011 in a game called “Renpy Date Simulation Engine – The Game”… to the world, this project was pretty much a done deal already. But unknown to most, there are at least 3 more versions that came out, each with improvements on it’s predecessor… mostly Graphics and some optimization. I’ve been using this project internally to test new Renpy features, improve my personal arsenal of Ren’py know how and as a sort of R&D showcase project which I secretly release to a few select people here in Lemmasoft via normal email (wink). And now nearly 2 years later and 4 different release versions later… here we go again…


This would be her 8th version sprite-wise. The revision is necessary since the latest BG’s have changed drastically that the 7th revision now stands out too much.


So the 8th sprite revision is sort of dumbed down detail and color wise compared to the previous version, the lines are much thinner and cleaner and extremely reduced shading. Anyway, I’m currently contemplating about publicly releasing the next version as 2.0 (which is technically Version 5.0 if we count the private releases) then again, who would be interested in a two year old game that will only get Animated BG’s and improved sprites and FX’s…

“POOF” (Disappears)


OHIO GO SAY MUST!… You know… just because I’ve been silent lately doesn’t mean I’m not active…

November 19, 2013

On the contrary, I’ve been really active behind the scenes now that my strike-zone is no longer limited to OELVN’s (aka Visual Novels) since I now started dipping my feet into making Platformer games now that I gained some little knowledge in programming Physics which I will not discuss here since Uncle Mugen persona is strictly for OELVN’s (visual novels)…

Anyway, here are a few teaser images from a project I’m involved with as a BG Graphics Guy… (Sorry about Watermark… this is necessary at the moment)




Yes they are 3D, yes they are Sketchup and yes I know some of you are tired of hearing me and my quest to find that one button cheap solution for quick and effortless BG’s that looked good enough for OELVN (Visual Novel) use but please hear me out anyway…

For quite a while, my focus was to get the Renderer to output hand drawn BG’s that will look good. Of course in doing so… I inadvertently increased the complexity of my method which contradicts my goal of trimming the steps to just maybe 3 or 4 steps and despite all that, the results are pretty much mixed which is apparent if you look at my BG dumping ground “aka Uncle Mugen’s FREE OELVN Resource thread”… CLICK HERE to go there.

After thinking long and hard I realized that maybe I’m doing it wrong. If I wanted optimize things then I will start trimming on the 3D part. For that we begin with a Sketchup Scene. Either you create a scene from scratch or merge a few objects to create a scene… that’s step 1. Afterwards you will simply hit render. No complicated steps this time. No Material properties, No Bump Maps, No Lightmaps or anything complicated. Just select the proper light you want or place a few lights here and there and hit render… this is step 2. And for the final step, I used a Photoshop script I found in Lemmasoft (sorry, I forgot) where your image is turned into something that looks like hand drawn or painted… all in one convenient button… and that’s step 3… So in three quick and easy steps, I managed to get this result in under 2 hours (render time excluded)


Sure, it still looks 3D but hey… 2 hours vs a day or two doing BG’s?… for someone like me who prefers efficiency, the choice is obvious 🙂

You can even push things a bit by doing some effort and post processing to get variations but… I’m usually too lazy for that thing…


Anyway, that’s all for now…

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Want more?… here’s 5 MORE FREE classroom BG’s for OELVN use

November 1, 2013

We are on a ROLL!!! This time it’s night version of the above classroom BG!!!

So we have the DAY VERSION, EVENING VERSION and now the NIGHT VERSION of these BG set






Same terms as previous resources… Feel free to use for whatever purpose it may serve best. Modifications are OK and highly encouraged…

Anyway, get them HERE in Glorious Full Resolution

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