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OHIO GO SAY MUST!… You know… just because I’ve been silent lately doesn’t mean I’m not active…

November 19, 2013

On the contrary, I’ve been really active behind the scenes now that my strike-zone is no longer limited to OELVN’s (aka Visual Novels) since I now started dipping my feet into making Platformer games now that I gained some little knowledge in programming Physics which I will not discuss here since Uncle Mugen persona is strictly for OELVN’s (visual novels)…

Anyway, here are a few teaser images from a project I’m involved with as a BG Graphics Guy… (Sorry about Watermark… this is necessary at the moment)




Yes they are 3D, yes they are Sketchup and yes I know some of you are tired of hearing me and my quest to find that one button cheap solution for quick and effortless BG’s that looked good enough for OELVN (Visual Novel) use but please hear me out anyway…

For quite a while, my focus was to get the Renderer to output hand drawn BG’s that will look good. Of course in doing so… I inadvertently increased the complexity of my method which contradicts my goal of trimming the steps to just maybe 3 or 4 steps and despite all that, the results are pretty much mixed which is apparent if you look at my BG dumping ground “aka Uncle Mugen’s FREE OELVN Resource thread”… CLICK HERE to go there.

After thinking long and hard I realized that maybe I’m doing it wrong. If I wanted optimize things then I will start trimming on the 3D part. For that we begin with a Sketchup Scene. Either you create a scene from scratch or merge a few objects to create a scene… that’s step 1. Afterwards you will simply hit render. No complicated steps this time. No Material properties, No Bump Maps, No Lightmaps or anything complicated. Just select the proper light you want or place a few lights here and there and hit render… this is step 2. And for the final step, I used a Photoshop script I found in Lemmasoft (sorry, I forgot) where your image is turned into something that looks like hand drawn or painted… all in one convenient button… and that’s step 3… So in three quick and easy steps, I managed to get this result in under 2 hours (render time excluded)


Sure, it still looks 3D but hey… 2 hours vs a day or two doing BG’s?… for someone like me who prefers efficiency, the choice is obvious 🙂

You can even push things a bit by doing some effort and post processing to get variations but… I’m usually too lazy for that thing…


Anyway, that’s all for now…

“POOF” (Disappears)


I’m… still alive you know…

October 29, 2013

It’s been a while since I last posted but anyway, teaser since I really cannot say much details about Waxwing project of which I am proud to be a part of… (excuse the watermark)

You can learn more about this particular project HERE



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