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If they say that my masturbation material is boring, then I’ll just have to show them masturbation like they’ve never seen before!… or something like that…

April 27, 2011

EDIT: I wasn’t expecting this blog post to be this successful… and so is the barrage of spam and uh… shitpost that came afterward (probably a manual one) I received in the comments so I temporarily disabled comments while I try and clean things here. Now that I have managed to somewhat filtered them… I re-enabled comments again…

EDIT 2: Whoever you are it’s Envy not Jelly OK… also please stop with the homo and onion spam… please…

And with that title we begin this blog post. This particular line was said by a character named Kuronegro in some anime recommended (actually insisted) by a friend I must watch since he thought I might find it relevant… and relevant it was… Read the rest of this entry ?


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