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Finally The Good Old Days of /jp/ is Back… somehow…

March 3, 2013

Warning! Non OELVN Post

take it easy

Ota-chan or O-tan, she’s one of unofficial mascot of /ota/

Long story short… moot created /jp/ Japan / General board to┬áseparate┬ánon Anime contents from drowning /a/… It was a sort of renaissance… I was there from the very beginning… it was paradise. It was a time where I can draw Touhou getting tortured and spam Guro images for the enjoyment of everyone. This also marks the transition between Mugenjohncel to Uncle Mugen… everyone’s favorite Uncle… Everyone is having fun… serious fun at it was like that for quite a while until a new batch of Janitor and Mods quite literally shit up /jp/ by deleting threads that don’t conform to their tastes and banning people they don’t like… It got so bad that I simply left and stopped ban evading… it wasn’t worth my time… Read the rest of this entry ?