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Baked Textures in Sketchup… I swear I’m not on drugs this time!!!

October 26, 2012

So here I am again getting my feet wet in my ultimate quest to create a set of procedures that will enable non-artistically talented people like me to create beautiful BG’s via Sketchup with the least amount of time and effort and recently I stumbled on a phrase that I’ve been hearing for a while…

This is a sample of a baked texture in Sketchup… it looks good but the fact that it took me hours to manually draw those shadows in the texture tells me that I needed a software specifically dedicated to the task if I want to make full use of baked textures.

Baked Textures…

So what is baked textures?… I’n layman’s terms… the shadows, bumps, and everything else are now hard embedded on the texture. Now in theory, pre-rendered baked textures in sketchup means you now have the real possibility of moving in-and-around sketchup’s default interface  at full speed while having beautifully rendered textures that only needed to be rendered once and only once… and this is why I’m interested in it. Just imagine… you can use and reuse the same scene both for BG’s and angled CG’s for Visual Novels and OELVN’s without even going to Photoshop and post process… just simply put camera, export image and ready to use… that is so time saving and very very convenient… not to mention you can now use sketchup’s default video and batch image export to create dynamic moving bg’s very easily. Read the rest of this entry ?