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Ren’py Lint. Don’t forget to use it. It can save your life… seriously.

April 16, 2010

OK, so here is the story. We are commissioned to do a sort of slideshow with very specific requirements that needed perfect synchronization and other stuff not normally done with powerpoint. The event is a Seminar organized by the MCLE, Integrated Bar of the Philippines, South Luzon Region… this is a job for Ren’py.

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Renpy as a… presentation material?…

January 28, 2010

Let’s start with this…

What you see in the projector screen is a presentation powered by Ren’py. Of course we all know that Ren’py is a “Visual Novel Engine” meant for “Visual Novels” so why am I doing this… thing. Well… because I can and it’s RISKY and FUN! I know Ren’py can handle Videos, Play Sounds, Show Images in so many different ways. Renpy has all the features of a full-blown presentation tool minus the high cost since Ren’py is free. Read the rest of this entry ?