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Next Mission… Organic 3D Modeling

April 14, 2013

What you see here is my current progress in Blender Day 2, which is familiarizing myself with the tools (trust me, you don’t want to see Day 1 but in case you are curious CLICK HERE at your own risk WARNING! NOT WORKSAFE!!!). Yes, I’m trying to teach myself how to use Blender and model organic things in hopes of one day creating my own Anime Styled Characters to replace manual drawing Sprites and CG’s.

Just pretend it’s a Macrophage floating in some liquid stuff…

I hate to say this but I have pretty much exhausted and perfected everything I needed to produce “decent” looking BG’s using Sketchup and Photoshop. I have streamlined the process to the point that making a typical urban BG from scratch takes about 1 hour (sans rendering time) and another 20 minute or so for post processing. It’s so efficient to the point that it is now pretty much boring. Sure, it still doesn’t look as good as hand drawn BG’s but hey… instant BG… you can’t complain…

Despite the simplified 2 tone shading it still took me 8 hours to finalize this sprite and that contradicts my Quick, Cheap and Efficient way of doing things.

Unfortunately, drawing sprites and CG’s is still something that I still need to take care of manually. For those who are following me, you are very much familiar now that I put more emphasis on Speed, Efficiency and Quantity over Quality… and I have no choice… I’ve been working solo on my projects most of the time and unless I found myself willing collaboratives who can share my vision… I foresee that this will be the case in the future. It seems, I need to move on to 3D too when it comes to Character Sprite and CG Event Creation if I wanted to maximize what little time I have. Besides, focusing too much on producing quality OELVN’s is pretty much not on my interest since I don’t profit from them but rather do them for personal satisfaction and the sooner I can produce content the better for me so I can soak in all the feels… another thing is I no longer have the luxury of sitting down in one spot for half a day drawing something. That is no longer possible for me. So the quicker I learn how to accomplish this, the better…

Even the Japanese is slowly reverting to 3D characters. Efficient and can be done and edited cheaply and still look anime enough if done correctly.

Unlike Sketchup and Scenery, Organic Modeling is pretty much alien territory to me. I am raised and trained in AutoCAD and relying too much on Sketchup that I pretty much ignored other 3D modeling software and mastered only what I think I will be needing to accomplish things and that turned out to be a pretty bad decision leaving me unprepared for organic modeling.

It’s not like I’m running around without a plan. I have a pretty much straightforward agenda that goes like this…


● LEARN how to EFFICIENTLY MODEL basic organic things


● LEARN how to TEXTURE and BAKE MAP anime style

● LEARN how to RIG

And that’s pretty much what I needed to learn to accomplish the task I needed to do. Anything else will be useless for I don’t intend on doing anything else other than the task I am currently focused on and that is replace Sprites and CG’s with 3D.

This will be a long and bumpy road. Who knows how far I can get… oh well…


So I missed NaNoRenO… time to move on and focus on something else like… working on improving an older project :)

April 4, 2013

I’m still alive you know… barely…


So here is Ren’py Date Simulator, The Game (not again)… a tiny VN based around the demo VN included in Ren’py released back in 2011… Unfortunately, the rush to finish it before the end of the year left me with some lingering regrets and questions like what could I have done to make it better but still within my cheap, fast and efficient way of doing things… the amount of regret is so much I haven’t uploaded the game on the Ren’py archives yet. Read the rest of this entry ?


Brighter3D – FREE Rendering plugin for Sketchup!

March 5, 2013



Long story short! We now found a really very good and promising renderer for Sketchup that is FREE! YES! FREE!!…  While it is still in Beta and pretty much basic as of writing…  the mere fact that it is available for FREE means it is opening possibilities and accessibility to a lot of people who otherwise cannot afford a commercial renderer. YES! It is now possible for everyone to create beautiful Background Graphics for OELVN (aka EVN) use or even photo realistic renders in Sketchup for FREE!!!

It is Brighter3D – FREE Rendering plugin for Sketchup!

You can visit the developer’s site here…

There is one catch though… it currently doesn’t support Windows XP and this is where I the Handsome UNCLE MUGEN needs your help!

The developer posted this on his site, saying if he gets at least 30 users to say yes to Windows XP he will support it!

C’mon guys… this is our only chance to get a promising renderer to support Windows XP… the OS of the GODS!

UNCLE MUGEN badly needs your help on this one!… please spread the word my friends!

“POOF” (Disappears)


FREE!!! Sketchup Model School Basketball / Multi-Purpose Gym Building – Extreme High Detail (with interior) – For use with OELVN Projects

February 19, 2013


UNCLE MUGEN again got something really nice for you guys… this time it is an stupidly detailed school basketball / multi purpose gym building… it is not as heavy as the previous school class building but still heavy for older machines… Originally meant for OELVN use (aka Visual Novel) Use for whatever purpose it may serve you best including commercial use. Just don’t forget to say hi credit me Uncle Mugen (Johan Sy) in case you used it. Please do not forget about me when I’m gone OK… :mrgreen:

You can get it here… HERE

Here are some more previews… (Note: Raw Un-rendered Screenshots)


Beautiful Exterior


Now with porn-o-licious x-ray mode!

Now with porn-o-licious x-ray mode!


Yes, it is a full basketball court!

Yes, it is a full basketball court!


With delicious details for close up of things!

With delicious details for close up of things!

More nice views from above!

More nice views from above!


Here are audience seats... without the audience...

Here are audience seats… without the audience…



It is generous to provide enough space for other sports activities like Judo, Aikido, Love Making, Dancing and Kung-Fu!!!



A close up of un-necessary details


OK that is all for now!

“POOF” (Disappears)