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Update: Added Solar Panels… uh what!?…

December 11, 2012

Delicious Green and Clean Ennergy

OK I know this might be a bit sudden but I’ve been working under-the-radar on Project Gakuen…

So you ask, what is Project Gakuen? It’s basically a School themed VN with strict Framework where you have a whole school with comprehensive background and history to work on and make VN’s out of it. Imagine, one school with multiple VN stories on going parallel with each other. They could be stand alone stories or intertwine with other existing VN’s and the best thing about this is that the BG (School) is already complete… all you have to do is place camera, point, shoot, render… basically a recyclable BG that can accommodate a wide variety of situations. Of course before this can be a reality… someone has to create a whole School from the ground up… and create the history and background information that will form the basis of future VN’s that will pop up from Project Gakuen Series… Read the rest of this entry ?


I’m not even gonna say what it is nor am I gonna talk about this project so I’ll just link this to the thread in Lemmasoft and leave the rest to your imagination…

December 2, 2012

Link here…






More to come soon…