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Insert Title Here – A scalable and recyclable OELVN (aka VN)

June 21, 2013

OHIO GO SAY MUST everyone… it is me UNCLE MUGEN… it’s been a while…

Allow me to introduce to you what Uncle Mugen has been cooking lately… Today, I present you the OELVN “INSERT TITLE HERE”… yes… I’m not kidding… that is the name of the OELVN (aka EVN or English Visual Novel)


Yes, that is the name of the game… not even joking…

It can trace its beginnings to the original Project Gakuen whose goal is to produce a recyclable and scalable generic school themed OELVN where you can insert any story you wanted but on a more grander scale (click here to learn more) … Fast forward a few months later… after doing a really thorough feasibility study… I found out that it was next to impossible to finish it in any reasonable amount of time with only me doing everything so I have scaled down the project from a large multi acre International School into a generic 300,000 sqm High School OELVN titled  “INSERT TITLE HERE”. Read the rest of this entry ?


And now comes the big question… What in the World is Studio Mugenjohncel up to this time!?…

May 19, 2013

(No photos or images in this post… sorry…)

Perhaps some have noticed my lack of activity here in the blog. Rest assured my friends… I’m still pretty much alive and active behind the scenes but I have decided to limit release on all my OELVN (and other related) projects. There are several good reasons for doing so but let’s just say one of them is superstition related 🙂 but I can give several hints on current projects running and completed ones that I haven’t had time to release properly (due to lack of music)…

Project 1 = (Technically Complete) Hammer and a Girl

Project 2 = 2 Twin Girls and some foreigner from the Netherlands…

Project 3 = (Almost Complete) Mushrooms and Explosive Diarrhea

Project 4 = (Technically Oh-Hold) Rock, Scissors, Paper and a few naked girls

Project 5 = Meddlesome Uncle

Anyway, that is all for now… I truly wish I can reveal more but I was advised not to do it and I must adhere strictly to our plan even though for an attentionwhore like me it is trully painful…


“POOF” (Disappears)