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3D / 2D hybrid tree for OELVN (aka VISUAL NOVEL) use. I am GENIUS!!!

May 25, 2013

Finally, a solution to a problem that has plagued me for such a long time! How to have decent looking 3D trees but still have low poly count enough to shorten render times so I can get more BG’s produced in short time.

But first a bit of history…


What you see above are a bunch of 2D trees I’ve been using and abusing for a long long time now. I use them in my sketchup scenes whenever possible and it is very good decision because it make my scenes look good ¬†and being 2D they are just one plane so very low poly count but…


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Let’s start the new year… with a BG rant… Lol!…

January 6, 2013

Too much effort for a simple room scene that doesn’t even look as good as I hoped it would be

Sometimes I wonder if there really is a magic shortcut for doing all those pesky internal BG scenes without putting much effort… and that is the holy grail I seek… create cartoony/anime like BG’s with the least amount of effort that will look good with hand drawn images… Read the rest of this entry ?