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Let’s start the new year… with a BG rant… Lol!…

January 6, 2013

Too much effort for a simple room scene that doesn’t even look as good as I hoped it would be

Sometimes I wonder if there really is a magic shortcut for doing all those pesky internal BG scenes without putting much effort… and that is the holy grail I seek… create cartoony/anime like BG’s with the least amount of effort that will look good with hand drawn images… Read the rest of this entry ?


A tiny update on what Uncle Mugen has been up to lately…

July 8, 2012

A BG from Sepia Tears that still lacks snow…

So far so good… Sepia Tears BG’s are being updated to HD at a rate of… 1 BG every two days… which is not really that impressive but the good news is we finally found someone who can draw snow. Allow me to introduce mefloraine who will be doing the not so glorious task of filling the BG’s with snow since unbelievable as it is… none of us can draw snow so she/he will be equally credited as a BG Artist like me… I’ve seen a sample of her snow and it is light years away from what I can accomplish… Read the rest of this entry ?



July 5, 2012

You read it right!!! FREE in-game OELVN advertisement!!! Read the rest of this entry ?


Sepia Tears… why can’t I draw snow?…

July 3, 2012


OK so I know I’m supposed to be in Radio Silence mode to conceal all my secret plans for the upcoming months but I have no choice but to temporarily lift Radio Silence to address one very critical flaw I have…

I cannot draw snow… properly… no seriously… I know it’s funny but this is a rather serious problem which currently delays the project and must be addressed… I already identified this problem 2 years ago and it’s still here tormenting me… Read the rest of this entry ?