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Next Mission… Organic 3D Modeling

April 14, 2013

What you see here is my current progress in Blender Day 2, which is familiarizing myself with the tools (trust me, you don’t want to see Day 1 but in case you are curious CLICK HERE at your own risk WARNING! NOT WORKSAFE!!!). Yes, I’m trying to teach myself how to use Blender and model organic things in hopes of one day creating my own Anime Styled Characters to replace manual drawing Sprites and CG’s.

Just pretend it’s a Macrophage floating in some liquid stuff…

I hate to say this but I have pretty much exhausted and perfected everything I needed to produce “decent” looking BG’s using Sketchup and Photoshop. I have streamlined the process to the point that making a typical urban BG from scratch takes about 1 hour (sans rendering time) and another 20 minute or so for post processing. It’s so efficient to the point that it is now pretty much boring. Sure, it still doesn’t look as good as hand drawn BG’s but hey… instant BG… you can’t complain…

Despite the simplified 2 tone shading it still took me 8 hours to finalize this sprite and that contradicts my Quick, Cheap and Efficient way of doing things.

Unfortunately, drawing sprites and CG’s is still something that I still need to take care of manually. For those who are following me, you are very much familiar now that I put more emphasis on Speed, Efficiency and Quantity over Quality… and I have no choice… I’ve been working solo on my projects most of the time and unless I found myself willing collaboratives who can share my vision… I foresee that this will be the case in the future. It seems, I need to move on to 3D too when it comes to Character Sprite and CG Event Creation if I wanted to maximize what little time I have. Besides, focusing too much on producing quality OELVN’s is pretty much not on my interest since I don’t profit from them but rather do them for personal satisfaction and the sooner I can produce content the better for me so I can soak in all the feels… another thing is I no longer have the luxury of sitting down in one spot for half a day drawing something. That is no longer possible for me. So the quicker I learn how to accomplish this, the better…

Even the Japanese is slowly reverting to 3D characters. Efficient and can be done and edited cheaply and still look anime enough if done correctly.

Unlike Sketchup and Scenery, Organic Modeling is pretty much alien territory to me. I am raised and trained in AutoCAD and relying too much on Sketchup that I pretty much ignored other 3D modeling software and mastered only what I think I will be needing to accomplish things and that turned out to be a pretty bad decision leaving me unprepared for organic modeling.

It’s not like I’m running around without a plan. I have a pretty much straightforward agenda that goes like this…


● LEARN how to EFFICIENTLY MODEL basic organic things


● LEARN how to TEXTURE and BAKE MAP anime style

● LEARN how to RIG

And that’s pretty much what I needed to learn to accomplish the task I needed to do. Anything else will be useless for I don’t intend on doing anything else other than the task I am currently focused on and that is replace Sprites and CG’s with 3D.

This will be a long and bumpy road. Who knows how far I can get… oh well…


And finally, we introduce the antagonist… MUSHROOM MAN!

February 11, 2013

He is Mushroom Man… he is an mutated alien monster mushroom from outer space and he is out to get you for no apparent reason!


One of two antagonist in my OELVN project Lamest of Lame… Mushroom man is slow, big and heavy but packs large amounts of HP. His arsenal of weapons includes Punch, Hug, Body Slam, Touch and Lick… they are super effective…

Not much to say about him to prevent spoilers…

More to come!…

“POOF” (Disappears)


Update on re-drawn Miko sprites for Lamest of Lame OELVN

February 11, 2013

Long story short, I already have this finished Miko sprite but I accidentally flattened the master files so I have no choice but to redraw the sprite from scratch since I cannot edit them and make variations to it… By the way, this is for project Lamest of Lame OELVN… which will most likely end up on NaNoRenO…


Sorry for Watermark, this is sprite of Miko

Here is preview, she still retains the slender petite appearance of the original but the hair is now more defined but less volume. Her pose is less dynamic from previous but is more feminine and cute… Yes, this is using my previous original style using thick lines and highly accentuated and simplified shading… which turned out good…

I fail at English… better stop for now… XD

“POOF” (Disappears)


And just when I thought I got it right…

February 7, 2013

I don’t usually show rough or unfinished sketches here in me blog but what you see here is a totally revised sketch of Miko from Lamest of Lame OELVN… (a Tales of Lemma OELVN Parody)


So what happened here is that I already finished the sprite for Miko a week ago complete with color and expression (see here for the post)  and to my horror I actually draw her hair wrong… I was under the impression that it was a very fluffy ponytail but after looking at the CG of the original base material (Lemma’s Tales OELVN… aka Tales of Lemma OELVN) it was not a ponytail but rather a totally different style altogether…

And to add more pain, I accidentally saved a flattened PSD so no possible to edit without getting messy so it is I decided to make it draw from scratch altogether… Here, I preserved her petite body structure but less stronger more feminine pose compared to the previous Miko… she is cuter this way…

There is also very important fact that she was carrying a sports bag so I have a version where she carries a sports bag. This will delay me by a day or two but no problem… she is now cuter and prettier so trouble worth it…

“POOF” (Disappears)