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And now we try the previously accidentally awesomely discovered ADVANCED OPTIONS into an existing scene in Sketchup and see how well it does… HOLY SHEET! IT IS LOOKING AWESOME! So what happens to the previous BG’s?… Well…

October 10, 2012

Here is the new and improved BG!!! It is deliciously beautiful!

Barely a week old and BG’s I recently made are already rendered obsolete by an accidental discovery a few days ago (see this post) enabling me to produce way better BG’s than these with just a single press of the render button.

This is the previous BG… it is also good looking but not as delicious as the latest one

Anyway, Uncle Mugen has come a long way in developing a standardized method which can be applied to anyone even those with only basic knowledge of computers to produce beautiful BG’s for OELVN use (AKA Visual Novels) Read the rest of this entry ?