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A sort of tutorial… Using Sketchup and Photoshop to create BG-CG’s for your OELVN projects… fast…

September 15, 2010

Disclaimer: The Sketchup components you see here does not belong to me. I did not create them nor am I claiming them. We are only using them for educational purposes and to demonstrate the awesome convenience and potential of sketchup and 3D warehouse has to offer in production of BG-CG’s for OELVN’s (and I kinda feel lazy today)… insert more legal crap here…

OK so where were we?…

Cielo Says:
Every time I see you posting about your Sketchup work, I start praying for a tutorial D:

Deji Says:
I second what Cielo says *nods*

OK, I give a tutorial… err… OK maybe not quite a tutorial but close. Rather, I’ll show how I do things and hopefully I could share a few of my secret techniques so others can benefit. My method is obviously not the best out there nor was it morally correct (were practically cheating here). I put emphasis more on speed than quality… better have 10 BG-CG’s in two weeks and get the job done rather than wait for 1 beautiful handdrawn BG-CG and suffer from burnout. I use google sketchup to create scenes… fast… Google sketchup is very easy to learn, more easier than photoshop and with Google’s 3D warehouse, you now have a whole library of objects, buildings and anything in between accessible anytime (though if you’re gonna use this to create BG-CG’s for your project… I really do suggest you create your objects from scratch to avoid being frown upon by elitists and other artists). Let’s go to actual content now… Read the rest of this entry ?


Relevant Tutorials for OELVN production

November 4, 2009

Finally, added a tutorial section where I share techniques and other related things that will be useful in OELVN creation. For our first tutorial, I decided to put something I did quite a while ago. More to come…

Tutorial section can be viewed here.