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Retrofitting an Old School Ugly School Building for OELVN (aka EVN) use – Part 01 (maybe)

March 17, 2013

Note: Un-Rendered Screenshots saved directly from Trimble Sketchup

NaNoRenO?… Nope, I’m not gonna discuss NaNoRenO projects for today. Instead, I’ll talk about that old sketchup building I released a while ago.


Newly retrofitted school building viewed from the gym front entrance.

Long story short, a few weeks ago I released a sketchup model of a whole school building complete with furnishings  under creative commons HERE for use with OELVN BG creation. While it does serve it’s purpose I’ve been receiving a few (actually just 2) emails that it looked kinda brutal and old. As if the building was build during the 70’s and wasn’t maintained properly. I took a second look and yes indeed, it looked horrible which is perfect for horror stories but awful setting for a lovey-dovey moe-moe school love story. Read the rest of this entry ?