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Rita Please Respond – An OELVN starring a cute girl with a Dick…

May 11, 2012

Now where should I start?… There is something… different about this OELVN… something different something so strange that you will be glued for a good 30 to 60 minutes or so despite the horrible art… The writing is so borderline retard and horribad. Yes, the writing, the story, the setting is so BAD it’s GOOD!!!… It makes Katawa Shoujo pretentious trying hard mediocre in comparison… the OELVN I’m talking about is Rita Please Respond… made by witch 2 !!AFElzTcxyLp and yes, this one is indeed born out of /jp/… 4chan’s most user friendly board currently being watched over by some of the most biased, vindictive moderation team who probably is compensating for their real life failures by imposing their tyrannical will at the said board and pretend they are someone important and famous at the expense of the poor /jp/ residents… (Yes, I’m talking about NSJ and Meido and a few select 4chan Mods who probably give moot a blowjob for a chance to become a mod)

But enough of that… Let’s go back to the OELVN… as I have stated earlier… this game is just plain… different… Read the rest of this entry ?