A Game called “A Game”

October 27, 2009

Now let’s see… there was this OELVN called “A Game” made by a mysterious guy called “Alex” who popped up out of nowhere, dumped this “OELVN” at the Lemmasoft Forums and disappeared without a trace but appears randomly once in a while when you least expected. At first glance, it looked just like any other OELVN but look closer and you’ll see that this is more than your average epitome of generic run-off-the-mill OELVN…

Well, there’s not much to say about graphics. Even the main menu is bland with no title graphics whatsoever, just a simple graphic with the usual generic renpy buttons. It features heavily pixelated images, poorly cropped photos either photographed by “Alex” himself or “Stolen” from the interwebs and to sum it in one word it’s “CRAP” but it definitelly does the job at conveying the underlying content… more on that later.

The simple and “bland” main menu

There isn’t. It’s all about this random guy as he goes about his everyday routine. Like breaking kebab shop windows, beating people, purchasing cars, working with the mob, tolerating jews, the gay parade occasionally showed on TV and the “differently colered people” in the metro… sure it’s not everyone’s cup of coffee but the way the racist jokes and other umm… socially unacceptable content are presented in such fluid way.

This is where it all begin… in a simple room with a simple TV showing a gay parade

What music!?… there isn’t any!… really…

Oh look!… It’s that guy again…

This is where this game “really” shines. It’s all about balancing and maintaining stats. There are two stats you have to watch out for. Strenght and Intolerance. In most cases you’ve got to maintain your intolerance to a minimum to avoid trouble. Strenght is very straightforward and self explanatory and best maintained at a decent level. Too low and you end up getting beat up by a chinese guy. It’s up to the player to figure out how to maintain and balance both stats… which in some case might get you stuck. Scripting is quite advance and high-level compared to most Ren’py games out there.

Uh oh… Bad coice dude… start praying…

Unlike most Ren’py games, it features an in-game option to switch languages (english & russian) and an ever persistent quit button which is rather convenient. The only complain I have here is the presence of “rollback” which enables players to “cheat” their way out easily in case they made a wrong choice.

That’s a Kebab Shop!?…

Anyway, I recommend this game to people who have high tolerance. Also, the script of the game is unarchived meaning anyone who wanted to take a peek at it’s inner workings can go and steal err… I mean to learn and study the script to see how things work… I very highly recommend this game.

Here’s the link to the game.

Windows / Linux / Mac

“POOF” (Disappears)



  1. I played this game..uhhh..last month i presume..yeah its unlike many renpy games..but im a Chinese, well you know how i feel..

    I am from Belarus, Russians our neighbor’s 🙂 we know them 🙂

  3. I dunno if you still remember this game, but do you know how to complete the game?

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