Revisiting Old Unfinished Models for VN Scenes / BG’s

December 31, 2015



It’s been a while (there is one year gap between two of my posts) since I had the chance to sit down and look at the files and models I made and created. Like visiting an old abandoned ruin, I decided to have a bit of a stroll in them and do a quick render of them…  so  I can stroll in them 🙂



Surely, there will come a day that these skeletal structures will be competed and will hopefully be used as a resource in a VN or perhaps be included in THIS thread where I dump resources for others to use… someday…





Suddenly and without warning… we ended up creating a Comic out of ComiPO because it’s too short to be a VN… also, we’re bored…

December 30, 2015

Just as the title says… original plan was to make a 15 minute VN in one day but since the script is short and not suitable for VN, it ended up as a Comic. thanks to @theBoypui aka @Solar_nine for responding to my pleas for a quick story (since I have near ZERO talent in writing)… We present to you this short Comic titled “The Wrong Movie”…



I just remembered… I made a small Visual Novel for NaNoRenO last March and let’s just say I forgot to post it here… and yes, I’m now posting it here now before I forget about it…

December 3, 2015


As the title says… made VN last March and I forgot about it…

Anyway, Doki-Doki High School Love Time VN is a story about a typical Girl follows Boy set in a Typical Japanese high school. We follow Sachika as she attempts to get her feelings across to the boy of her dreams… aka the usual Visual Novel cliche stuff… Read the rest of this entry »


In-Depth-Review of DJ Max Technika Q for Android and iOS… no wait scratch that!… Fuck iOS due to constant connectivity issues so this is just an Android review… Deal with it!

December 27, 2014
I’m supposed to do a VN Dev related post but since it’s not quite “there” yet as far as progress goes… I’ll post something else related to my Mobile Gaming research since I Uncle Mugen plan to release future OELVN’s (that’s EVN’s for you uncultured peasants! XD) and part of this research is play mobile games to see how they design their GUI to be as comfortable and convenient for the mobile device world. Of course, there would be one or two games that I might get too attached to and this is one of those games.

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