Yikes! My Twitter account has been hacked and Twitter can’t and would not do anything to help… a cautionary tale why you should take security seriously as Twitter will never help you in any capacity…

August 12, 2017

Ohio Go Say Must!… It’s been a while my Tomodachi’s… As the title says… my Twitter account @oelvn was wrestled from my control and is now renamed as @maxyogugif (Hacked Account… proceed with Caution) (Edit: the account is constantly changing names to avoid detection. it’s now @jadwhi) (Edit: It’s back to @oelvn again) so I would strongly advise to unfollow this particular account as I no longer have control over it and very dangerous at this point for I cannot predict in what manner my “now” compromised account can be used. I am writing this as a cautionary tale why you should take security seriously so you too will not experience the same fate as I have as Twitter will never help you in any capacity nor do they have an obligation to help…

But let me tell my story how it begin… allow me to show you this screenshot of an email alerting me to some unusual activity (see image below)


As you can see in the screenshot, someone is attempting to log in to my twitter. I do not know how but I was very busy at that time so I paid very little attention to it… a decision which I would later regret.


A few moments later, I received a second email alerting me that the Email associated in my Twitter account has been edited to an email address I didn’t own. At this point, I dropped everything important I’ve been doing at that point and dedicated the next several hours trying to recover my beloved Twitter account (@oelvn)… this is where it gets tricky.


Typically, you can recover or regain control of your Twitter account via the associated email. Unfortunately, both the account name and the associated email has been changed so none of the usual tools are able to help me at this point… after several desperate tries which unfortunately wasn’t heard at all and at this point it would be safe to assume that my desperate calls for help on Twitter support fell on deaf ears. I even went as far as dig some old files and show some proof that I am the original holder of the Twitter @oelvn account and it is compromised and renamed to the point that I now have zero control over it and no way of warning my followers immediately about this potential hazard…

I actually googled a bit and it seems, the only secure way to make your account safe from being compromised is to associate it with your Telephone and your App… without those, not even Twitter can help or will bother to help you as I have experienced it myself first hand where I got stuck in an endless loop where the main goal is to make a user give up in despair and just make a new account while being showered with the very same generic message replies repeatedly. My belief was reinforced when I found out that there is no convenient way to get in touch with a real person from Twitter unless you are someone important… no Phone number, no Email… nothing…

At the end of the day, I have to swallow the bitter pill… I could continue pursuing this matter and recover my beloved @oelvn Twitter account and perhaps do something about this @maxyogugif (it’s now @jadwhi) (Edit: It’s back to @oelvn again) knowing very well that Twitter as a company will probably just toss my desperate pleas in the trash or I can simply move on, learn from this and start from scratch. I think the later is the more sensible choice as far as my options goes. So as much as I don’t want to install Twitter on my Phone, I have no choice for this is the surest way to prevent such thing from happening again.

Anyway, I am truly sorry to all my followers for this mess. I now made a new Twitter account @unclemugen so please follow this account from now on as this would serve as my current official Twitter account unless there is a slim chance that Twitter might help me recover my lost account. Also, please spread the word so I can minimize the potential damage that the “now compromised” former @oelvn twitter account now renamed as @maxyogugif (now @jadwhi) (Edit: It’s back to @oelvn again) might do…



  1. Really? Have to wonder how the hacker even got into your account in the first place…

    • Most likely via a third party app in Twitter…

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