ComiPO Ver.2 is now available in English (aka the rest of the World)… so uh, has it become a really good software or…

November 16, 2014


OK, it’s been a while since I blogged about anything but let’s start with the recent news that is relevant to uh… me…


First, let’s talk about ComiPO! For those who don’t know what ComiPO is… it’s this software from Japan where you can make Comics/Manga even if you cannot draw. I reviewed it quite a while back in this blog post… Yes, click here…. trust me it’s safe. It’s actually a really fun software to use. So fun that i even made an OELVN using it.


Click here to read more about “Hammer Visual Novel” – Studio Mugenjohncel Entry for NaNoRenO 2014

Anyway, back to ComiPO… version 2 of ComiPO is now available in English. In layman terms, new features are now included in the program that has been available for Japanese users a LONG time ago (…fuck you guys)

But let’s talk about the new features… nah, scratch that… let’s take about “SOME” of the new features that are readily can be felt like… head size that can be editable…

So what are the implications of this new features? Well… you can now make your character look older by reducing the size of the head or in the extreme end of the spectrum, make a retard looking cute chibi by enlarging it…

I'll leave the dialogue to your imagination...

I’ll leave the dialogue to your imagination…

Still, there is no way you can edit the pose (unless you use a freaking hex editor which I will not discuss here) but that’s understandable since ComiPO is optimized for layman people like me who are too lazy to figure out complex GUI much less the patience to draw… but on the bright side, there are a couple of new poses here and there… though I can’t seem to tell which one is which but what the heck.

Also, they have released numerous expansion packs to increase the diversity of characters (buy them here) you can mess, toy, play, humiliate, sexually harass use in your Comic in ComiPO. But you know what’s unfair!?… the 140 props and scenes package which I paid for is now FUCKING HAPPILY included with the new ComiPO update free of charge!!!

Can you believe I paid for this shit and now it's fucking FREE!?

Can you believe I paid for this shit and now it’s fucking FREE!?

Of course being the idiot I am, I still bite it and see what the new package has to offer… and BOY what an expansion pack! It’s something I’ve been secretly wishing for a long LONG time… a fat middle aged body type character… perfect for sexual harassment office scenes.


Do I hate ComiPO?… Of course not! on the contrary, I freaking love it! It’s so exploitable. many fun nights have been had because of this software and I am fully aware of what it’s intended to do, what it can do and it’s limitations. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it! But I like it so I buy it anyway and I also recommend you buy it too if you are interested in making comics/manga the lazy way. you can also use ComiPO to prototype or just as it is to make an OELVN (aka EVN or Visual Novels) it’s not it’s intended purpose but it can handle the task very VERY well…


OK so I, personally don’t have much use for this thing, then again I am UNCLE MUGEN and it is mandatory that I exploit things one way or another that will satisfy the evil me… so what did I do with this new found weapon?… Do an inappropriate COMIPO BLOWJOB SCENE of course!!!

ComiPO Blowjob dot jpeg

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew this day would finally… COME!!!


DAMMIT COMRADZ! Why didn’t you have the Medieval set available yet in your store!?… Even Steam which I wouldn’t even want to touch with a stick had them already…

That’s all for now :)

“POOF” (Disappears)


Nekomimi Macho – An Uncle Mugen Fandub of Tsukiyomi (Moon Phase) OP

July 14, 2014


Because some people just want to watch the world burn… BWAHAHAHA!!!

Click here to watch video on YouTube

OK it’s actually a byproduct of insomnia and I cannot sleep until I did something outrageous and this was the first thing that came to my mind. Once I have a firm grasp of what I needed to have and do to accomplish this, I latched on to it and never let go until I’m done…


Thanks to the following for the encouragement:

And to the person who provided the Voiceless audio-track:




Café Memoria… what in the world did I get myself into this time?…

June 23, 2014

Once upon a time, the Handsome (yet Gloriously Fat) Uncle Mugen is skimming through lemmasoft to see what’s going on. By chance I saw this thread in the Work in Progress of Café Memoria. According to the thread…

Café Memoria is a new restaurant in town, run and operated by a woman named Elena Pervova. You, as the male protagonist (Ryne), are curious about this restaurant and decide to eat lunch there. As you enter, you are greeted by a female friend of yours, and the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, Anna, who happens to be quite shy. Since she works here, perhaps this is an opportunity for her to improve. How well do you think she will do?

Normally, I’d read a thread and then move on to the next until I saw this image…


Looks nice but…

Oh… I recognize those! His scene contains a few models I hosted on the Sketchup 3D Warehouse. So this is Café Memoria… looks good enough. In the typical Uncle Mugen fashion, I casually showed it to my peers and asked them what they think of this building… let’s just say we ended up in a nearly (almost) 2 hour debate ranging from why this building isn’t energy efficient to it’s somewhat brutalistic aesthetic. At the end of the debate we have two options… if this building existed in real life, we will…

  • Retain original structure and retrofit it using Dryvit
  • Demolish it and Build it from the Ground up using Light Gauge Steel + Dryvit

As a mental exercise, we debated some more but we arrived at the conclusion that it would be more cost efficient to simply tear down the building and build it from the ground up.


OK Boys! Let’s tear this place down! For Science!

So I requested the Sketchup Model Scene to see how bad it is… now, I know the person who made it isn’t an architect or an engineer nor is this a serious building at all but for the sake of fun, I went ahead with this somewhat pointless mental exercise and assume if it existed in real life, it will be constructed using conventional methods and traditional materials like Hollow Blocks and On-Site fabricated Concrete Pillars with Steel Bars embedded inside. Just for kicks with a bit of help from a structural engineer made possible by the persuading powers of Starbucks latte, I ported his model to an in-house software (secret!… shhhh!!!), assigned materials and properties and embedded steel bars close to how it would have been if it is real life. It totally collapsed on a Magnitude 5 Earthquake… (I’ll post screenshot of it when I get the chance to retrieve it). Disregarding structural integrity, the building is a Death-Trap during fires.

Ehem… At this point I already had enough fun and lulz and sufficient mental exercise. In return, I decided to volunteer myself and give them a far better model they can use to create their BG for Café Memoria.



Slowly but steadily, the building is starting to take it’s shape… I must admit that I’m having a little too much fun with it…


Since I’ve gone this far, might as well go ballistic and all out and model everything inside… from scratch (meaning: I’m not using anything from 3D warehouse… only Original Uncle Mugen Models)



Not satisfied with just the Cafe, I also added outside detailing so we can have nice reflections on the windows and stuff in the main building.

7fxJ2cml NW6XHpjl

Wanting to stretch the amount of fun I can get with the model, I made nice mockups… with Uncle Mugen! Nice!

Of course, all good things come to an end and I’ll eventually hand over the model back to and his team so they can proceed with completing the VN / OELVN… and with just the interior furnishing missing… allow me the pleasure of showing this test render of the current progress (play in HD for maximum satisfaction)…


Anyway, that is all for now… XD

You can learn more about the project HERE

“POOF” (Disappears)


Hammer – NaNoRenO 2014 OELVN (Visual Novel Entry) is now released

March 28, 2014




A mysterious illness has spread throughout the world killing people everywhere and in desperation, you escaped and wandered aimlessly and ended up in some remote cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Graphics – Uncle Mugen (Mugejohncel)
SFX / Music – Off the shelf Commercial – Royalty Free SFX from BlueFX + Original Uncle Mugen Recordings from BlueFX
Story – This Anonymous Guy from 4chan /jp/ way way back
Engine – Ren’py 6.13

Download Links:
Renai Archive [WINDOWS / MAC / LINUX]

Relevant Links:
Lemmasoft Release Thread
Lemmasoft WIP Thread


Whew… it’s been a long road but definitely worth it… WIP rant coming soon :)



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